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WWE Vintage Critic – Countdown to WrestleMania #6

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Hi everyone. Today we leave America and travel together to Toronto, Canada. The sixth edition of WrestleMania was held at the brand new Skydome with nearly 70,000 spectators. Buys dropped to 550,000, probably because not everyone liked the idea of ​​two babyfaces facing off in the main event. But we certainly can’t deny that the aforementioned main event was built to perfection, as can be seen from the crowd’s reaction in the arena. The tagline of the evening is “The Ultimate Challenge”, and I’m sure many of you have heard of this match, as it was one of the first matches broadcast in Italy, if I’m not mistaken. So, ready to go in the DeLorean? Let’s go!

WrestleMania VI

On April 1, 1990, we faced 67,677 visitors and the sixteen-year-old Edge, so 67,678 people. The national anthem, this time, obviously, is Canada’s “O Canada”, sung by Robert Goulet, which is good.

We note the return of the mini-rings used for WrestleMania 3 to open the show. “The Model” Rick Martel – meanwhile heel and with a characteristic gimmick – Coco B. He beat Vere in squash, which seems like a novelty to me. There and he. In the second match, Demolition defeated the Colossal Connection featuring Haku and Andre the Giant. After the match, Bobby Heenan takes it out on Andre, Haku accidentally hitting the Frenchman, costing the team the match and the tag titles. Heenan slaps the monster, who blasts him in return, then turns to face off, blasting and singing the chorus in support of the audience to the immeasurable delight of the audience.

Then came the WrestleMania debut of John Tenta aka Earthquake, who looked a lot like Bud Spencer, but was bigger and less agile, and thus the darling of Vince McMahon, but the heel of the tournament despite being Canadian. He defeats Hercules in a squash (literally) and makes his Earthquake splash after the match, establishing him as a devastating and unstoppable force as Vince wanted to see him on the top floors.

In match number 4 of the evening, the still undefeated Mr. Perfect faced Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake in a decent match, characterized by Hennig’s blaster, though ultimately costing him the match, a first-ever defeat. TV of Beefcake shaving the hair post match of The Genius (Mr. Perfect’s manager).

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The sixth match is currently a locked episode, so you won’t be able to see it on the WWE Network. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper takes on Bad News Brown, a thug who grew up in an American ghetto. For the occasion, Roddy Piper painted himself half black. This is why the match was cut and banned from the WWE archives, as “blackfacing” was considered racist. Piper’s claims that she did it to remind everyone that skin color isn’t what defines whether you’re an ass or not are worthless. On this point, I think we all agree with him. However, before the match he made a promo where he imitated a stereotypical black guy from the ghettos. Despite Piper’s repeated insistence that “in wrestling, you don’t have time to be racist,” Bad News Brown held a grudge against Piper until the end of his days. Long story short, the match ends in a double count and the feud continues.

The real scandal comes with the following match: The Hart Foundation defeated The Bolsheviks (Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zhukov) in just 19 seconds, effectively breaking King Kong Bundy’s record from WrestleMania 1, according to WWE. ) The real scandal was that they wasted a sacred monster like Bret Hart — in front of their home crowd — in just 19 seconds. But how is it done? as? Vince, if you’re reading these lines, excuse me now!

The Barbarian defeated Tito Santana in a not bad, but comfortably forgettable match. We see what should have been a clash between two giants, instead it’s a mixed tag team match. Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire face “Macho King” Randy Savage and Sensational “Queen” Sherri. The former brings in Elizabeth, who is still reeling from her breakup with Randy Savage. Elizabeth’s physical involvement caused a stir among fans because it rarely happened. Rhodes and Sapphire won the competition.

In their next match, The Rockers face Sato and Tanaka, The Orient Express. Orientals team manager Mr. After Fuji interferes and allows Sato to throw the famous “Fuji Dust” in Marty Jannetty’s eyes, the match ends in a countout in Oriental’s favor. A decent performance, but these two teams would meet again in a great match at the 1991 Royal Rumble.

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Next, “Haxa” Jim Duggan takes on Dino Bravo. The match was characterized by Duggan’s antics, chanting “USA, USA” in front of the Canadian crowd and attempting to boot the Canadian. However, he wins the match thanks to the 2×4 he uses against Bravo.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts challenges “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase for his Million Dollar Championship, losing the match by countout after 12 minutes when Virgil interferes to prevent Roberts from returning to the ring. However, Damien is missing the snake, which sends the cowardly heel par excellence (DiBiase) flying. In the following match, the Bigg Boss man now faced his ex-partner Akeem, thus confirming his face. It must be said that this has become too much for the public. Hard times are coming for his enemies… See what I did there?

There is a short break to introduce the new team. It’s rhythm and blues Greg Valentine and the honky tonk man who get into a convertible driven by a young man who will soon be known as Diamond Dallas Page.

Here comes the finale, in which “Ravishing” Rick Rude defeats the veteran “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka without much fanfare, completing (or at least hoping for) the task of dispatching a new lever.

Here, finally, it’s time for the much-anticipated main event with both the WWF Championship and the WWF Intercontinental Championship. First comes the Ultimate Warrior and then Hulk Hogan. The audience in rapture is slightly in favor of Hogan, but Warrior is also very supportive. In an epic match (less from the fighting, but more from the atmosphere), considered one of the best matches of all time over the years, and arguably of their respective careers, The Ultimate Warrior cleanly defeated Hulk Hogan (which didn’t happen) and became the new WWF Champion. The final moment when the two respectfully hug each other is unforgettable. The Warrior Mala ends up being successful and festive and always becomes the best part.

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What a result guys. We’ve seen historic moments like Andre the Giant’s face and the great match between Hogan and Warrior, but scandalous moments like Roddy Piper blacking out and Bret Hart only 19 seconds!!! ARK!!! Excuse me. The struggle continued 1:39:55 (or 1:33:07 Without Piper vs. BNB), the duration of the program was 3:22:23 So about 49.3% (or 46%) “in-ring action”. Hence, the share is always half.

So, how do you rate this WrestleMania? Let’s face it: the show is mediocre, or decent from a fighting standpoint. But on the other hand, he was full of emotions throughout the evening. We’ve got Andre the Giant rebelling against Bobby Heenan, Mr. Perfect, Beefcake beating Jake Roberts in the first place, Jake Roberts coming close to winning the title against Ted Dibiase, then a main event with a heavenly atmosphere. As you wrap up the evening in style, it often happens that your vision is clouded by excess, prompting you to deliver better quality than you deserve. I will say it by vote 5.5/10 We give them due credit. Because in direct comparison to WrestleMania 1, this version was better. But it certainly wasn’t at the best WrestleMania. However, Warrior vs. Hogan is a match that any good WWE fan should know about and should have seen. That’s why I brought it back here. Don’t thank me.

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See you tomorrow at WrestleMania VII.

I’m WWE Vintage Critic and I travel back in time for you!


WrestleMania Ratings (out of 10):

WrestleMania 3 – 7

WrestleMania 6 – 5.5

WrestleMania 1 – 5

WrestleMania 5 – 3.25

WrestleMania 2-3

WrestleMania 4-2

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