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Any Spengler without Amber and Team Canada?

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What will happen to the 2021 Spencer Cup? Six days after the engagement began on Sunday, December 26, there are no official answers yet. Ambrì Piotta now seems to be disconnected from the game. Preventive isolation following a number of infectious diseases between soldiers and staff, the pianocople team must deal with the Omigran variant, as expected at a press conference this morning by Cantonal physician Giorgio Merlani: “There are semi-definitive traces. It is Omigron. No. HCAP communication is expected today.

There are other things for the organizers of the Grabonden competition. The Canadian team, the traditional attraction of the event, would have actually refused to participate. Again, no official contact. However, the news was confirmed by Michael Farber, a journalist with Canada’s TSN, according to which coach Claude Julian has already returned home after leading another Canadian selection to the Channel One Cup in Russia.

Without Ambrì Piotta and Team Canada, Spengler would have only four teams: Davos, Frölunda (Sweden), KalPa Kuopio (Finland) and Sparta Prague (Czech Republic). Mark Gianola, chairman of the organizing committee, has always talked about Plan B and the possible five-group formula. In the old days it was already like that: the final between everyone against everyone and the best two of the team. “We asked another team to be available,” Gianola told Flick. According to the Watson portal, it could be Langna. As announced yesterday on Twitter, today the organizers will provide additional information.

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