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Germany beat the United States and Canada beat England in the ATP Cup. Everyone is in line for qualification

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One equality that could not be more egalitarian is a characteristic of Group C, while the other team staged with Italy on the 4th day of the ATP Cup. After the second day or, better yet, one day from the end it makes more Pathos, The United States, Great Britain, Germany and Canada all end up with a win and a defeat. In fact, since teams are mentioned in the rankings, it does not exactly apply to “more, etc.” The United States drew 4-2 first and Canada last (2-4). With the stars and stripes on the maple leaf 3-0, the English are leading by a better percentage of sets than the Germans. However, all of this is not a bar in terms of merit, what was said at the beginning applies again. Meanwhile, let’s see who the Australians beat on Tuesday.

Germany b. Use 2-1

J.L. Struff b. J. Isner 7-6 (7) 4-6 7-5
A. Sverev b. D. Fritz 6-4 6-4
D. Fritz / J. Isner b. K. Gravitz / D. Boots 6-0 6-3

Despite the humiliating defeat in the doubles division, Germany imposes itself on the United States thanks to the singles. John-Leonard Struff had only one break to score the first point against his team John Isner. In the twelfth game of the third set, the 31-year-old from Warstein probably lost the count. Ace Suffered (34, John was not bad), however he blasted an uncountable 18 runs. At the tie-break of the first set, Struff missed two set points. The service provided in the opening seconds paid off immediately after the tension subsided and never returned, with Germany having the match point in response to the tenth game, but converted to 6-5 by the winning forehand. “It’s not just his service that complicates things” Struff finally explains. “You have to focus on your line because if you lose it, it’s hard to catch. I’ve played it five times and I’m always lost.” Adds with pleasure. However, four previous failures …

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Then touch one Saska Sverev Get off the field against Taylor Fritz A pair of German experts with moderate calm, a positive score and staying in the third match. However, Sverev, who lost his last match to Fritz in California, does some math and playing. A meeting “The best position, at least until the last game, will be in second place of the year.”. Thanks to a 2-0 start to the first set at the farmhouse and 15-40 at the closing time (the only break until that moment), the second immediately headed in the direction of Germany. Also, again, the problem with having the last service is that a task is finally completed without breaking points. A sixth match point is required. Got a win, the Crowits and Puets were rolled by Fritz and Isner.

Canada b. Great Britain 2-1

D. Evans b. D. Shapovalov 6-4 6-4
F. Agar-aliasim b. C. Nori 7-6 (4) 6-3
F. Agar-aliasim / D. Shapovalov b. J. Murray / J. Salisbury 6-4 6-1

Canada’s victory against Great Britain was not obvious, especially thanks again after the early British advantage Don Evans, That, Without even giving a chance to answer, One break is enough for a set to be right Denis Shapovalov. “In my service rounds I tried to be aggressive and move the ball“Evo says, “I’m more reluctant to respond, this is a good opportunity to protect him and not get frustrated.”. However, this is the day Felix Agar-aliasim, Which brings his team to two points, first confirming the decision of the previous two against Cameron Norie. He pushes himself along with his friend Shabo against experts Jamie Murray and Joe Salisbury.

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82% of the points were won with first and best continuity and performance, although the young Canadians scored 5 off three consecutive game balls in the tenth game, taking the break and sets through Murray’s serious error in the first game. The music does not change in the second part, on the contrary, Canada team enhances sound and rhythm. Felix and Denise throw very hard and – ask, ask – even on the pitch, The Anglo-Scottish pair were not inspired or distracted by the plans, but rather it caused a pressure on the reflexes on the web. The second set remains uncertain for three games, after which Canada flies to victory.

Qualifying views

With four teams having equal wins, both teams will be at the top of the rankings at any point after the last day; We forget the number because the direct conflict is valid. However, each team not only has the rule in their hands, but must see the end of the other tie. Here’s what happens after Great Britain – USA and Germany – Canada:

If Britain and Germany win, Great Britain will top;
If the UK and Canada win, Canada will pass;
If the United States and Germany win, Germany will win the group;
If the United States and Canada win, the United States will celebrate.

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