Teams will compete one by one Round robin grid With The first two are classified That Going straight to the semifinals When patterns are placed Between the third and sixth place They will dispute Playoffs This provides the last passes for the knockout stage. Companies that are a bit different from what we have seen The latest Beijing Olympics: Scotland – Gold in China – Skip Eve is not headed by Muerhead, but Rebecca Morrison and so on – in the first preferred role – appeared in Switzerland yesterday under reigning champions Sweden and Sylvana Trinsoni, led by Anna Hasselborg.

Italy Prepare for a role from Outsider With Stefania Constantini (Golden flames), Gold In Olympic mixed doubles With Amos MoserShe was invited to lead a tricolor group composed with her Marta Lo Deserto (Curling Club Ptolemy), Angela Romy (Golden flames), Veronica Chapon (Mole 2020 Ice Skating) e Giulia Zardini Lacedelli (Curling Club Ptolemy).

Is optional Try to win a place in the top six To play everything in the second phase of the event: the national team relies, in addition to team spirit, to win Headed by a 22-year-old man from Cordina Who made the whole of Italy fall in love with his talent and charisma in February. Team, Sixth in the last European ChampionshipWe need to somehow improve our 13th place in 2021, repeating the progressive climb from this position to the first positions in the international rankings.

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Here is the Competition program It will be with the blues First you have to go down in the snowJust the opposite Canadian landowner Ours 10pm Italian Tomorrow Saturday, March 19th The first day of this World Championship.

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