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Football Triestina, in Mantua Mbakogu immediately on the pitch

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Trieste Triestina completes preparations for the away match in Mantua (Sunday at Stadio Martelli it will take place at 2.30pm, Catanoso will referee from Reggio Calabria), a delicate match directly given that Al-Ittihad could target Virgilian, now third from last but still with a lead of 6 Points about stalkers.

To prepare for the match against the team of former coach Halberd Mandrolini, Mr. Gentilini will have the same players available as last Saturday with Juventus Nex Gen, with the exception of Tessiore, who will have to send one match for elimination. But with Mbakogo Slim, who will start from the first minute this time. For the rest, Felici will almost certainly not be there yet: keep in mind that the eccentric striker is improving a lot after the severe ankle sprain he suffered in the match against Albinoleffe, the sensations are getting better and better but it is too early to risk the player after a rather big problem. Above all, great care must be taken in these cases because, in an effort to hasten recovery, there is always a risk of relapse. And right now, that would be an unforgivable mistake, which means the tournament is about to end for Felicie. The feeling is that he will be able to qualify for the second leg with Pro Patria, at most in the midweek away match against Renate on March 15.

The only other injured person in the expelled house is apparently Malumu, who is recovering after a ruptured eardrum. Things are going well and the defender should be on the field at the beginning of April, already there is little hope of seeing him at the end of March.

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For the rest, they are all skilled and registered in a steadfast house and thus a wide choice for Gentilini. However, barring surprises, the coach must widely replicate the starting eleven seen with the next generation of Juventus, with the only difference being Mbakogo in Adurante’s place.

There is only a small doubt in the midfield, while with Tesseur’s absence the only other possible change ends, which is the prospect of including the youngster from Samp’s school as a full-back. A role in which Germano must be confirmed at this point, with Ciovanni covering his back as a full-back.

But let’s sum things up in order: In front of goalkeeper Matosevic, the pair of defenders formed by Massi and Piacentini, with right-back Ciofani and Rocchetti on the left wing, will be confirmed to have continued to grow in recent weeks. As for the duo lining up in front of the defence, the favorite to play alongside Celigin is still Lulu, who is doing a very good job. But, that’s the only small doubt mentioned above, the now better Juri finally can play him too. As a winger, there is room for Germano on the right and Paganini on the left, while in front Tavernelli in good shape will play support for Mbakogo who will return to the starting line-up after spending a rather complicated week before the match against Juventus. The next gen and who knows for the Nigerian is not the time to score first with the halberd.

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