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In “Sport Senza Barriere” there is also space for seating, volleyball and creativity

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The weekend is getting closer and closer September Dedicated to this event Sports without hurdlesthat will happen 9 to 11 to me Kara Center in Dominica.

In recent weeks, through our pages, we have begun to introduce you to some of the many sports and activities that fill the very rich program of the event dedicated to promotinginclusion organized by Federation of Sports and Entertainment Companies headed by Luinese Marco Masarenti.

Among the various sports there will also be sitting plane, a sport derived from volleyball, but more inclusive, as it is played sitting on the ground with a lower net. The basic rule is that the players should be with their buttocks touching the ground when touching the ball: thanks to this special characteristic, volleyball favors the social integration of people with disabilities, since it is, in fact, an activity that can be practiced, without any discrimination, by people with different types of Various of disabilities, as well as by healthy people.

To make it try for everyone who wishes it on the occasion Sports without hurdlesthey will be Sitting Wally Parma And the POLHA VARISE (Association Polisportiva for Amateurs with Disabilities).

Among the workshops in the event, there will also be an art workshop organized by The Golden Tree by Antonella Pettisintended for children who, through the use of color and creativity, will be able to create small paintings dedicated to the theme “Sports and Inclusion”.

But among the many sports and performances, there will be music, entertainment and food, which will accompany the event on the three days. there Music will be before VIP effectthe Luino party, which will animate the three days and will hold a live show on Saturday 10, from 21.00 to 23.30, regarding gastronomyThere will be a sponsored suite Pro Loco Domenza Together with the food truck Smokey BBQ It will be possible to eat your meal in complete silence inside the refreshment area.

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