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World skate games, hockey online. The perfect day, three wins with three convincing proofs

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We had to replace the unsatisfactory debut, with some light (feminine) and many shades (masculine). Today I went there in luxury, with spoils full of points, quality of play and, last but not least, the satisfaction of beating the USA. The boys also flex their muscles and show that they are not afraid of anyone. And while the girls in Brazil are drowning hard, the boys offer two compelling evidence (the second for the exciting fact). Well, keep going, there’s still a lot to play with, but at least now we know we’re there, with both teams.

little men

Thenext – Brazil 5-1

s.There was a reaction of pride after the defeat of hatred (which was greatly reduced after today’s victory of China’s Taipei over the USA) and the boys responded. A match against a high-caliber opponent we just had to play in, and that was it. A good choral performance for the Blues who wipe out Brazil without much anxiety and find play and motivation (as well as grudge). The boys immediately took the lead Giacomo Masiero And in the middle of the road first with twice the time Renzo Rocco I’m going to rest to rest assured 2 – 0. In the second fraction, it takes less than three minutes to find the target 3 – 0 still with Rocco (Awesome performance author) And another minute to sign for 4 – 0 Excellent Signature Alessandro Rossetto Who is always ready for a date with a goal. Our team drops some tension and Brazil takes the opportunity to close the gap with Bertola. One minute from the end Mattia Petropon initials final 5-1. The game dominates the game and is played with wisdom and simplicity, without overdoing it but putting on the playing field what is needed: order, mind and heart. There is still a long way to go, in the meantime, let’s enjoy those first three points.

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the elderly

Italy – Brazil 11-1

It was already noticed from the match against Canada that the older girls were there. Brazil today was another story, above all another category, but we should not let our guard down. We settle results with our opponents without concussions with a match controlling not only the score, but also the play and intensity. The Blues are so inundated with empathy and team game that they seem to have gone out of their training plans. Beautiful scene, the plot of fast passes that often leaves one of our girls alone in front of the opponent’s goal. Brazil does not exist. Or rather, he went after the initial sleet when South America took the lead with Emanuela Lopez in the 1st minute of the match. (0-1). Our girls are good at not losing their minds, keeping their cool and patiently starting to weave their game. After a minute, the lottery comes with an amazing signature Linda de Roccothe absolute protagonist of the game (1 – 1). Less than 5′ out of toys Emma Bol It brings us an advantage (2-1). From here begins the absolute dominance of blue. At the end of the first fraction we 8-1; Practically all of them go to the goal: Bixinini (2)And the gouacheAnd the NovelliAnd the CyprianAnd the PC. The second half opens with the usual de rocco who takes us 9-1. The game gets bad at this point. The Brazilians start getting in too hard (too much) and the captain on account of this, the violent charge and the wrist injury, is taken to the hospital (unfortunately for her, a fracture and a plaster). Two more goals from Ariana Bessie And the Rebecca Piccinini They’re sealing the final 11-1. good girls! Tomorrow Mexico and the United States await the decisive day of the groups.

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little men

yoSA – Italy 2-3 (DTR)

The challenge with the Americans had a taste of the deciding match. It had to be won, because our opponents didn’t look like strangers on other occasions. But let’s start badly. Or rather, the US starts off strong and dictates the pace at the start of the game. At 8:17, the United States took the lead with Walcott (1-0). We try to respond, but our actions go against the signal of misfortune and predictability. And they took advantage of that, in the 10:48 minute double signed by Boyle (2 – 0) It does not bode well. From this moment came the Italy we know. Who does not give up and knows how to raise her head in the darkest moments. We started smashing the game (even exposing ourselves to some serious reboot), but bad luck and some contested referee decisions from the blue bench kicked the US off with a double advantage.

Recovery is blue dominance. The boys returned to the field determined not to let the match die and throw their heart and head over the obstacle (and here it must be said that this is a trademark of the teams coached by CT Rigoni). It’s 10:45 Mattia Petropon Take advantage of the opponent’s uncertainty and shorten the distance (2-1). Keep pressing blue. In the 17:25 minute, the United States takes a penalty kick and the Azzurri exploits it with a draw at its maximum level. Tommaso Lazzari (2 – 2).

Over time, two teams are mainly concerned about not conceding a goal, but the USA has two bouts that make the Italian goalkeeper rise to the chair, especially a miracle in a blank intervention. We go to the penalty shootout. Azzurrini proved to be sarcastic with 2/2, and both Americans were wrong. Great Italy is back on the right track. Tomorrow Colombia awaits us, which made today’s China Taipei difficult.

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October 26 matches:

JM Italy – Colombia at 2.30pm (Italian time) live on World Skate TV

SW Mexico – Italy 4.00pm (Italian time) LIVE on Facebook FISR

SW USA – Italy 24.00 (Italian time) LIVE Facebook FISR


little men

1) Taipei China 8

2) Italy 5

3) USA 4

4) Brazil 3

5) Colombia 1

the elderly

1) USA 8

2) Canada 7

3) Italy 3

4) Mexico 3

5) Brazil 0

Photo: Marco Gariglia

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