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Melih: “My heroism begins here in Lecce”

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After a good victory over Lazio, Lecce presented El Maleh with his first repair market signing.

Why LECCE. I had no doubts about choosing lychee, I had other possibilities and today they are the right path for me now. I found a group with a great desire and I realized it last night when no one gave up until the last minute.”

Advice from an ex. I spoke with them before making this decision, and everyone praised the city, the club and the fans, as well as the kitchen.”

Barons.I was really ready to hit the field, I trained really well over the course of this month. I pressed to get here as soon as possible in Lecce. I’ve come here to give myself to the coach, I’m fit physically and I’ve played all the friendlies. I hope a new tournament will start for me, yesterday the coach told me to do my best and encouraged me to keep the score.”

the National. I still have some confusion in my head, but I have to decide quickly, in the past I had problems with the coach, but I will make up my mind soon.”

For the first time in the south. I had a great impression, when we were under the crowd he always supported the team, and when we scored, he gave us great strength that pushed us to never give up and turn the score around.”

new comp. During my career I’ve only played with Brancolini in Florence, and I’ve encountered others over the years. During the match against Lazio, I was particularly impressed by Di Francesco’s spirit of sacrifice and the sense of security that Umtiti and captain Hgolmand are able to provide.”

Features. I try to put my qualities at the team’s disposal in terms of quality and quantity, but I also like to go into the penalty area to try and find the goal, but in this football we can’t play just one stage.”

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