December 11, 2023

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Football.Basketball on December 6, 2021 β€’

The Episode 10 seasonal “Football. Basketball”, historical broadcast of Ekaru Sport Dedicated to local football and live basketball since 2002.

The part One From the transmission, dedicated to First, second and third classes. Studio guests: Polysportiva coach Stella, Riccardo Boldrini, Cattolica Calcio 1923 striker SG Daniel Tverduhlepov. Opinion: Attilio Fabri.

The part two from sendingAnd Dedicated to Championships Upgrade functional so Excellence. Studio Guests: Defender Degaro Andrea Magee And Jatiu striker Alex Polini. Journalists/columnists: Attilio Fabri NS Giuseppe del Bianco.

The the third part From the transmission, dedicated to Rimini Calcio, Cattolica Calcio 1923 SG NS Series D. The journalist is a guest in the studio Francesco Pancari and columnist Davide “Baio” Baietta”. Relating to: DF CatΓ³lica Alessandro Moricoli Adham is a journalist Cesar Trevisani.

The part Four from sending Basketball Evening, dedicated to Rimini basketball is born again. Studio Guests: RBR Game Maker Eugenio RivalliRimini, Ren-Auto Happy Basket coach, Pierre Filippo Rossi, columnist Daniel Bache. In contact: reporter Paulo Guidoci.

Leadership Roberto BonfantiniShare Mary Mulzani.

Transmission is visible Every Monday of the tournament He lives that it Icaro TV (Digital Terrestrial Channel 91) NS broadcast live that it And on the page Facebook Icaro Sport.

A small piece of BIO after ALCIONE-RIMINI 0-2

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