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Won’t Zhao direct the sequel because of Rotten’s score?

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eternity Directed by Chloe Chow, the film swears by critics and fans alike, it takes a different approach toward the superhero genre than has been shown in previous films. Some appreciated those differences, saying they were worried the director might not return to the helm of Part Two due to Rotten Tomatoes’ poor score.

currently Eternals on top of the ranking boxoffice, despite being the only rated movie “Marchio” From the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the review site rotten tomatoes. Reddit user barkelon They even turned to the Marvel Studios subreddit to express it his disappointment The company must choose Don’t bring back zhao In the possible sequel, as you can see at the bottom of the news.

The post has become popular, perhaps as a testament that many fans agree with the user: “I don’t need every Marvel movie to take itself too seriously or be dramatic, I certainly don’t think Chloe Chow should direct the next Ant-Man movie, but what I did with this story and these characters felt right to me. If I decided Marvel not take these kinds of risks and Always stick to the stencil formatThen things will start to look old.”

Do you think Chloe Chow should return in the next Eternals movie if it was made? Tell us in the comments and don’t miss our comments Eternals review.

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