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A Day's Christmas Vacation at the Cinema: 40 years on, Fanzina is still in great shape

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The Christmas Holidays are restored to their historical and social context, cleansed of cinema's arrogance towards popular comedy, and even forty years later, they deserve a relaxing and entertaining viewing.

Christmas vacation He returns to the cinema after forty years for one day. Sold or not December 30, 2023 – it doesn't look like it at the moment – the film is directed by the Carlo Ed brothers enrico vanzina, Dating back to 1983, it changed the Italian cinematic comedy imagination like no other. The chimeric matrix of the subsequent “cinepanettone” sequence, Christmas vacation It no longer needs any introduction or backstory. The lines, includingWe got rid of him this Christmas too.” (Riccardo Garrone/Advocate Covelli), “I'm not handsome, I like myself.” (Jerry Kalla/Bello), ““The burrito is nothing.” (Guido Nicelli/Braghetti) Even children know them by heart.

On the semi-educational use of disco dance songs (I admire Chopin And Moonlight shadow among many) and chart-topping Italian pop acts (Nada, Marcella Bella, Venditti, Dalla) published volume after volume. Social and cultural analyzes of the emergence of the “new rich” class A Cortina d'Ampezzo In the early 1980s it was wasted, often with unjustified intellectual arrogance, between the entire film being re-evaluated and demolished without appeal over four decades. The truth is that Vanzina's winter comedy (Taste of the sea(Summer, published in February 1983, was also a great success with the public) Today the magazine maintains vitality and rhythm by evolving around An energetic, carefree and fun “couple game”. Which serves as the common thread of the entire plot, linking northern and central Italy between the building owners of Covelli and the working class Marchetti, both Romans at heart despite the difference in wealth, with the rich Po Valle Braghetti, the city's freewheeling Venetian cannon. Mischievous pianist bellow or mountain folk in the style of Bassein.

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In the last few days it has been nice to see A Viscous liquid Special to the film Vanzina where in parallel with the film sequence we see news reports from TV news programs and magazines of the time. You won't believe it, but the Coffeliz family, the Marchetti family, and the Braghetti family were actually there The royal population of Cortina is willing to display fashionable scalps as status symbols (There are indeed Romans in fluorescent jackets) and the physical presence in the central part of the city shows the idea of ​​emerging from the dark years of financial crisis and terrorism. Like the rest Christian De Sica, In the film, one of lawyer Covelli's sons, caught by his half-drunk parents in bed with his ski instructor, combats his drunken parental shame by explaining the abscissa and coordinate of being “modern”: “Ehhhh, come on, mama! Bisexual, that's modern.” ” And again in the Blob we find De Sica himself, a guest on a program hosted by Paolo Limetti about film releases in theatres, who recalls a breath of fresh air even in relation to the abusive Italian comedy schemes, claiming that 4 billion lire could be earned. In twelve days of programming (the films at the end of the run will exceed ten editions) even without the use of the “sacred beasts of Italian comedy as attractions”.

He, who was the son of the now-disgraced Oscar winner Vittorio, and Steno Vanzina's children, were frankly nobody. How then? Jerry Kallaon the launch pad between Really amazing And I will live alone But it was not yet fully established and, moreover, it did not have to be from the group as it is said that the person chosen at the piano should be Mauro di Francesco. Briefly, Christmas vacation Returning it to its historical and social context, and purifying it of cinema’s arrogance towards popular comedy, Even forty years later, it deserves a relaxing and entertaining watch. Then of course, a film like this, like all comedies and action comedies of the 70s and 80s, can no longer be made and would not be made today. But that's another story (or not?).

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