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He asked me to make a movie with him.

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Alex Bailey and Rocco Siffredi Together they made the first Mediaset de Celebrity Island And in Playa Desnoda, the “man” greeted the gods Special greetings from fellow outcast. On that occasion Rosa’s husband congratulated Alex directly, but replied with great humility: “I should really thank him, but I also say you can’t make a real comparison with himHowever, apparently, the two kept in touch even after the Canale 5 reality show and it was ex-Givino who revealed it in a new interview with Chee’s house.

“Did he remind you of the Rocco Severides factory? I make fashion, but I went to it, even though we’re two completely different worlds. I’ve been to it. You know we made L’Isola together. Although everyone might think that with Rocco you can only talk About certain conversations, I spent two months with him at night keeping the fire burning and we talked about something else. I respect him. He’s a great guy. We are very similar and have a lot in common from a mental point of view.”

Rocco Siffredi and the suggestion to Alex Bailey: “Shall we make a movie?”

In response to Gabriele Parpiglia’s questions, Bailey also revealed a certain background. In fact, it looks like Siffredi asked Alex to make a movie in Hungary, yes, that kind of movie. Unfortunately, Alex refused it and also made it clear that he would never want to do so.

“Of course there’s also artistic chemistry with Rocco. What if I was offered a movie? When we left the island he called me and said ‘Listen Alex but would you like to make a movie for me?’ So that’s the thing I thought he seriously suggested to me, but no, I wouldn’t do it “.

And don’t tell me you wouldn’t have loved watching a big movie with Rocco and Alex, otherwise…

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