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Ukraine and Biden to Zelensky: “We will give you air defense systems”

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Phone call between Biden and Zelensky. The White House said in a statement that the US president pledged to “continue to provide Ukraine with the support it needs to defend itself.” Including advanced air defense systemsThe White House notes that Biden “expressed his condemnation of the Russian missile attacks across Ukraine, including Kyiv, and expressed his condolences to the loved ones who were killed and injured in these senseless attacks.”

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The US President also affirmed his “continued commitment with allies and partners to continue imposing costs on Russia, believing in Russia is responsible for its war crimes and atrocities and providing Ukraine with security, economic and humanitarian assistance.

Shortly before the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced that he had done so A “productive” conversation with US President Joe Biden. “Air defense is currently the number one priority “In our cooperation,” Zelensky wrote on Twitter, “we also need American leadership with a tough G7 stance and support for our resolution in the UN General Assembly.”

“The occupiers cannot oppose us on the battlefield and that is why they resort to terrorism,” Zelensky later stated via Telegram, declaring that everything that was destroyed today in the attack of “Russian terrorists” would be “reconstructed.” “It’s just a matter of time,” he warns. So Zelensky urged residents to heed weather warnings as there is still a “danger” situation, adding that “Ukraine does not allow itself to be afraid” of these measures and is “unstoppable”.

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