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Wonka's magic and Wish guide the first weekend of Christmas vacation

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the first weekend It's gone into the archives and the world's most famous chocolatier still looks down on everyone: On its second weekend in theaters, Wonka Warner Bros. remains at the top of the box office charts, but is closely followed New Disney Classic.

movie with Timothée Chalamet In the role of a popular personality, from 21 to 24 December 2023, he collected another 1,485,351 euros thanks to 197,511 attendees (-51% compared to 7 days ago) and thus updated his total to 5,388,211. Excellent results for the previous Chocolate factory (Here is our review), A novel by Roald Dahl Which has already received many modifications.

In second place is the new entry he wishes: the Disney Classic No. 62 Designed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mickey Mouse's house, in 4 days it raised €1,039,416 with 149,394 people in attendance. It's already close to surpassing this flagship's 61st animated film strange worldWhich stopped a year ago at only 1.5 million euros.

Third place instead Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomthe final film of the so-called DC Extended Universe and the final test of Jason Momoa In the role of the King of Atlantis (here is the review). sequel to Warner Bros. movie comedy. Which in 2018 managed to cross the threshold of one billion dollars at the box office, debuting in Italy with 899,358 euros and 115.12 admissions, to which must be added the proceeds from previews, for a total of 1,063,716. Five years ago, on her first day, Aquaman It raised 1.6 million euros.

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Among the new releases, there are several titles that managed to enter the top ten: in addition to the two mentioned previously, we find in sixth place Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film, a documentary about the singer's tour brought to the stage by Nexo Digital, attracted 11,778 admissions for a total revenue of €205,097 (thanks to the ticket price increase); right behind him, One life with Anthony, Hopkins (Eagle Pictures) for €170,040 and also €24,540 Leaves in the wind From the manager Aki KaurismäkiWhich in 4 days collected 140,926 euros in the presence of 21,342 people.

Also worth noting is the fourth place Oh GodNew comedy from Ficarra and bacon Distributed by Medusa Film (another €551,962 for a total of €2,160,928) and placed fifth in Still there tomorrow By Paola Cortellisiwhich nine weeks after its release achieved another 384,924 euros, for a total of 31,321,811 euros, making it closer to a hit. Barbieis now only a million euros away.

In total, according to i Cinetel data, the weekend of December 21-24, 2023 achieved €5,942,470 against a total of 891,522. Compared to last weekend, the decrease was -25% (7,878,209 euros collected), while the comparison with the same period of 2022, when cinemas dominated Avatar – Water Road It represents -17% (€7,177,833).

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