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Tonight is Rosanero, Palermo celebrates and returns to B-Calcio

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The party can start for Palermo lovers. Three years and a month after the last Serie B match, Palermo-Citadella 2-2 on May 12, 2019, Rossanero returned to the coaching tournament, beating Padova in the double final of the Serie A qualifiers thanks to a 1.0 win in the first leg. The same result of tonight was signed by Matteo Brunori’s 29th goal of the season. And who at the beginning of the current season did not believe that promotion to the second division would come, now he does not want to stop dreaming about the possibility of selling the club to the City Football Group, the Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Fund. North Curve fans even greeted the club’s president, Dario Meri, with the banner “You deserve the affection of the people, for us you were a great president.” It’s been 1,084 days since the night Palermo fans realized their favorite team would go bankrupt shortly thereafter. On June 24, 2019, the company was led by brothers Salvatore and Walter Totolomondo, who took over from Maurizio Zamparini and Emmanuel Fasel’s English side, had not completed registration in the second division championship by the deadline. On July 24, 2019, the Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, indicated to FIGC that the Mirri family’s company, Hera Hora, was the winner by expressing interest in reviving the city’s soccer team. Today, three years later, the circuit is closing with Palermo returning to the Apprentice Tournament, where it was exactly when the debts and administrative irregularities set out to be cancelled. Barbera’s party, packed even beyond organizational capacity – 34,010 the official number of tickets sold – started just half an hour ago, when Brunori (25 minutes) altered the severity of the victory: Pelagati was given the maximum penalty for handball. Palermo always dominated the match and Padova lost in the second consecutive final, which ended with nine men due to the sending off of Ronaldo and Pelagati. The call for tonight’s match is very strong for the fans. So much so that Rosanero’s passion threatened to undermine the city’s electoral machine: 174, among polling officers and polling officials, surrendered at the last second. For them, the investigation into the public service outage is now being launched. For Rossano’s coach, Silvio Baldini, a circuit was closed after an exemption 18 years ago, when he was unable to celebrate a promotion to Serie A, then was beaten by Francesco Guidolin. The same fate for Giacomo Felipe, who scored 33 points out of 66 points in the regular season. A piece of promotion is also his.

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