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Weapons in the field in a year or two –

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The United States is adjusting its aid strategy: No more aid designed to meet an immediate need, but designed to prepare the resistance for the next few years. Training programs also look at the long term

The horizon of war is long. The new $2.98 billion aid package announced today by Joe Biden will provide Ukraine with weapons and equipment that “allows it – the US president explained – to defend itself in the long run.” those words An affirmation of the long-term commitment of the United Stateswhich – which From February 24 You already have Allocated a total of 10.6 billion dollarsbut they also show Perspective on the duration of the conflict. First of all, the show – the largest single segment since the beginning of the Russian invasion – will be based on the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative and for this purpose Delivery will take some time: The materials will not come from US military stocks, so you don’t waste them, but rather will be provided by Pentagon contractors. According to unknown sources cited by himNews agencyIn addition, the budget will finance contracts for air defense, anti-drone systems, artillery, ammunition and radar “that may not see the battlefield for a year or two.”

This would confirm it Washington is adjusting its aid strategy: Not anymore Help designed to meet an immediate need From Kyiv, but intends to equip the resistance for the next few years. Another sign of this change in strategy From the Allied countries arrived on Tuesday from Berlin, so far too slow in supplies: Chancellor Olaf Schultz announced that he would send $500 million worth of weapons to Kyiv, but It will be delivered from 2023. The package will include three Iris-T air defense systems, dozens of armored recovery vehicles, 20 small-sized Apkws missile launchers, anti-drone devices and precision ammunition.

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also british training program Announced in June by Prime Minister Boris Johnson looking to the long term. Soldiers of the 11th brigade of the security forces, more than a thousand, are already training Ukrainian conscripts: a few days ago, for example, there were Urban combat course in Kent village, in the south of England, where one of the four bases of a three-week programme. About 2,000 soldiers have already returned to Ukraine, but The goal is to train 10,000 people who can replenish the ranks of the resistance Weakened by the war of attrition and 6 months of war. To achieve this, London asked for help and several countries – including Canada and Denmark, FinlandAnd Sweden and New Zealand – they have already sent their soldiers to Great Britain.

The European Union could soon launch a similar initiative. On Monday, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs in Brussels, Josep Borrell, proposed a “training mission” to help the Ukrainian army, which It will be discussed by European defense ministers next week in Prague. “I don’t understand why we are training the Mozambican army and not the Ukrainian army,” Borrell said, explaining that the European Union is already involved in 17 similar missions, from Chad to Niger. The program, as specified, It will not take place on Ukrainian territory but in neighboring countries: In addition to Great Britain, resistance soldiers are already trained in Poland, the Czech Republic and in France.

the details

The new American offer covers many “fronts” e Continue to strengthen the artillery compartment. In the past months Ammunition consumption remained very high. The list released by the defense identifies the following: six Nasams anti-aircraft systems; more than 245,000 bullets of 155 mm caliber; 65 thousand 120 mm mortar shells; laser-guided missiles; 24 radar to detect enemy guns; Puma drones and vampire equipment for UAV variation; Funds for training and maintenance. Separately, Taiwan is preparing to donate 800 Revolver drones (small aircraft capable of dropping many grenades) Norway and Great Britain will ship a large number of small Black Hornet drones used by infantry and special forces. And Boris Johnson, on a surprise visit to Kyiv, added that London will guarantee the materials for $66 million.

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