Home science Wired Next Fest, what to follow if you are passionate about science, space and technology

Wired Next Fest, what to follow if you are passionate about science, space and technology

Wired Next Fest, what to follow if you are passionate about science, space and technology

After the success of the Florence Theater, he Wired Next Festthe most influential event in innovation and technology, returns to Milan in the presence of From From 7 to 8 October In the steam plantOn Via Procaccini, 4. Entrance Freewhen registering for Site from the festival.

As every year, it will also be possible in this version for fans – and for all those who want to get closer to the world of science And theCooperat – Participate in panel discussions and workshops with experts in the most advanced sectors like this one outer spaceAnd the scientific medicalAnd the robotic Based on Sustainability.

space limits

Space Is Closer Than We Think: The aviation sector is constantly evolving and affecting us all, as he will explain in Wired Next Fest Simonetta Di BeboProfessor of Space Economics Practice and Director of the Space Economy Evolution Laboratory at Bocconi. De Pepo graduated in Astrophysics and Space Physics at Sapienza University and served as Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs for 8 years. in his book space economy. new development front Di Bebeau explains how to growspace saving It can benefit many other sectors that affect the life of our planet.

Not only the economy of space, but also innovations in this field astronomicalThanks to the images obtained with the James Webb Space Telescope, it can affect the quality of life of people. He talks about it at Wired Next Fest Patricia Caravio, an astrophysicist and research director at the National Institute of Astrophysics. For his contribution to the study on the high-energy emission of neutron stars, in 2009 the National President Award of the Republic, and in 2021, the Enrico Fermi Prize of the Italian Physical Society. He will also attend the festival Paulo Nespoliformer Italian astronaut inEuropean Space Agency, the protagonist of three space missions on the International Space Station. Instead, they will talk about constellations Guido LivriniAt the head of the Copernicus program funded by the European Union and the European Space Agency, e Patrizia SaccoItalian Space Agency.

Innovative renovations

Italy is one of the countries with the richest artistic and architectural heritage in the world. Passionate about cinema, art and photography, Gianluca de Marchi Founded in 2004 by Urban Vision, a leading funded restoration company, with Daniela Valenza and Fabio Mazzoni, he will participate in Wired Next Fest specifically to talk about sector development and innovations. In 18 years, the company has been responsible for maintaining over 250 buildings Among the monuments, churches and historical buildings, raise money for more 130 million euros. Furthermore, precisely because of his passion, De Marchi has invested in several film projects, including honeythe first work of Valeria Golino, and forobscene life by Renato Di Maria.

Science fiction and innovation

What is the relationship between literature and robotics? Much more than we can imagine. starting from Three Laws of Asimov’s RobotsAnd the Giorgio MitaScientific Director of the Italian Institute of Technology, Dario Tonaniscience fiction journalist and author, Marco Passarellotechnology and innovation journalist, H Monica GouriS., a scientist and researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology, will speak at Wired Next Fest about how literature and technology have been able to pollute each other in light of new discoveries in science and technology. During the Italian artist’s workshop Maurizio Cirelli Visitors will be able to create their own little robot to take home, reusing materials and objects of daily use.

Differences between gender and health

Gender differences affect the symptoms and treatment of diseases, including those related to mental or cerebral disorders. Antonella Santuccione Chaddaa neuroscientist who founded the nonprofit organization Women’s Brain Project Which has been campaigning for years to establish a global reference center for gender precision medicine in Switzerland, will be at Wired Next Fest to talk about its inclusion in the fields of neuroscience and medicine.

They will take care of health too Antonella Clericitv host, Marilina Yorioa biotechnologist and researcher at the National Cancer Institute in Milan, has for years been at the forefront of the search for a cure for breast cancer, and Federica Grionithat defeated cancer for the associationItalian Association for Cancer Research (airline). Also with Airc, on Saturday 8 October there will be a meeting focusing on scientific research and publishing with Massimiliano Pagani And the Massimo Temporelli.

environmental crisis

In light of the recent floods in the Marche region, the environmental crisis is increasingly becoming a concrete and tangible problem. At Wired Next Fest, Seth Godinauthor of more than 20 books and an entrepreneur, explains how marketing can provide a solution to raising awareness of the climate crisis.


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