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From Tuono Pettinato to Kamimura – Lo Spazio Bianco

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Here are the new items Coconino Press Between independent comics, graphic novels, manga, and important new releases. We remind you of this by purchasing It is possible to take advantage of exclusive promotions and various covers and pay no shipping costs regardless of your order and you will receive your orders within 24/48 hours.


Ben Gassman plunges into the depths of the human spirit, taking the most intolerable taboos head-on.

by Ben Jamesmans
Pendant: Brick
Info: p. 208, color, format 19.5 x 24 cm, paperback
ISBN: 9788876186158

The tireless explanation of how ordinary life can be derailed after an unacknowledged motive. An intense and unsettling work, supported by a formidable command of the language.

Aaron is a twenty-year-old college student who spends the summer studying, confined to his room. But he has other things on his mind. Friends, love, the future that opens before him: everything fades into the background. Even the beloved superhero comics couldn’t distract him anymore. The only activity that calms him down is watching a young boy playing soccer at home alone from the window. It shows an unacceptable attraction as much as it is slowly impossible to ignore. How do you behave, who says? Can we continue to deny what we already know? Did Aaron really turn into a monster?

«The little body is huge, it looked like a children’s pool and instead it is a sinkhole. I’ve seen so many atrocities, but this story seems to override them all, and at the same time, an ordinary day with the TV on…”RATIGHER

small body
From combed thunder
necklace: cult
Info: p. 160 duplexes, format 17 x 24 cm, hardcover
ISBN: 9788876185984

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unnamed (1)

Coconino is proud to publish the new edition of Tuono Pettinato’s masterpiecethe brilliant bisque cartoonist who died prematurely in 2021. One of the most important graphic novels of the past 20 years is finally back in a perfect edition, ready to entertain and shock many new readers.

Corpicinus is the story of a gruesome crime, infanticide, and the strength of journalist Martinelli as he tries to solve the mystery of the death of young Marcelino Diotisalvi. The honest black reporter will find before him the television misery making money from the case and will have to face the boorish requests of his superiors, who reprimand Martinelli for not being harsh enough in his articles, as the public would like.

A world first by volume – 50 years after it was published in a magazine – in an exclusive Coconino Press edition.

By Kamimura Kazuo and Nakajima Sadao
In regular and miscellaneous release
Necklace: Gekiga
Info: Format cm: 17 x 24 p: 248 black and white • euro: 24.00 •

unnamed (2)

A love so strong and all-encompassing that it becomes obsession and madness. A new masterpiece has been found before Kamimura, the master of erotic manga, debuts by volume in a Coconino Press exclusive (in two editions, with paperback and miscellaneous) fifty years after its serial publication in the Japanese magazine “Comic & Comic”. Beautiful student Hegreko can’t stand being alone, and searches for her “perfect half” by going from one man to another. Until he meets the young Oikawa, and a hot and utter passion breaks out between the two…
Higreko is a girl who is constantly looking for love. She moves from one man to another, and from one relationship to another, trying to find her soul mate. Ever since learning of a passage from Plato’s Symposium – the one in which the myth of the two halves is mentioned – Hegreko has become almost obsessed with it. Until the day she meets a young Oikawa: passion explodes between the two and a complicity arises that will lead them to savor all the nuances of love: falling in love, passion, jealousy, madness, and revenge.

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The new edition of the cult book by Furuya Osamaru

by Furuya Usamaru
Necklace: Duco
Info: p. 168, black and white and color, measures 15 x 21 cm
ISBN: 9788876184123

unnamed (3)

From the pages of the avant-garde historical journal Garo: A surreal, comic, and transcendental anthology of gags with recurring themes that, starting with the traditional four-panel structure, subvert all the codes and symbols of pop culture, religion, and Japanese and Western art.

In the pages of Palepoli we find Jesus and the Beatles, the art of Mantegna and the cartoons of Doraemon, the manga of Tezuka and those of Tsugi, Inspector Columbo and the bear killer, optical illusions and black humor … An amazing graphic tour. , a feast of parodies and quotations, a theater of the absurd that exposes the vices, fashions, and hypocrisies of our time.

Preview: “Palepoli” by Osamaru Furuya (Kokunino Press)

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