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The Alessandrina Library Museum is now being digitized

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(ANSA) – CAIRO, March 13 – Italy, through digital art and the technology of Sergio Iovino, has begun digitizing the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Museum of Antiquities, with the aim of producing images of other Egyptian museums and cultural assets as pre-future and similar initiatives across the Middle East region .

This announcement came on the occasion of the temporary installation, in the famous Egyptian Library of Alexandria, of the Virtual Museum of Italian Cultural Heritage launched in December 2021 and directed by Sergio Iovino.

The Alexandria Museum Foundation is being digitized “on behalf of the Italian Embassy” and relates to “the Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic heritage. I will create digital files of the museum’s galleries and rooms using the latest ones,” Iovino said at the opening ceremony on Sunday evening. The Virtual Museum allows you – through 360-degree digitization, 2D animation and 3D interactive virtual reality, among others – to visit the museums and monuments of Rome, Florence, Venice, Benevento and Castel del Monte from a distance.

The Documentation Center for Cultural and Natural Heritage in Egypt has expressed to the Italian Embassy a “strong desire” to benefit from Iovino’s technical and artistic skills across the country, including the Siwa Oasis. For his part, a Lebanese consul asked the artistic director of the Italian Virtual Museum to draw up a roadmap for the digitization of cultural sites in Lebanon.

Over the next few months, Iovino plans to digitize the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Greco-Roman Museum, and the National Museum of Alexandria.


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