October 3, 2023

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Winter Olympics – Russia does not present Govt tests: Canada with snow masks

Winter Olympics – Russia does not present Govt tests: Canada with snow masks

Controversies and allegations. The women’s ice hockey match between Canada and the Russian Olympic Committee was delayed by nearly an hour after the ROC’s chief medical officer failed to provide Canada with clear Govt test results. Canada has long refused He had to leave the changing rooms to avoid possible infections, but eventually all the athletes agreed to play until they had their masks on.

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For an hour the situation was tense. The Russian team was warming up in the snow while the Canadian soldiers were locked inside the locker rooms, waiting for the ROC to be ready. Final and negative results of Govt tests. In the end, after a long discussion, both teams agreed to play with the mask as a precaution. Very unusual situation. When the tests came, Russia took off their masks before the third quarter of the game, while Canada chose to keep them until the final. The game eventually ended 6-1 for Canada.

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