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Chichizola, Grifo is no longer in a hurry

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From the local newspapers: The Red and White club is waiting for the goalkeeper in the match and is counting on him, regardless of the extension. There is no “deadline” for an answer

The Perugia He waited a long time to respond to the offer to extend the Argentine goalkeeper’s contract Leandro Chichizola (32), which has been proposed to extend the existing bond that expires in 2023 until 2025, with an amendment. Local newspapers return to the topic with important news, The nation’s messenger And the Corriere del Umbria.

He thought the answer would come when the player came back from vacation but it didn’t. And if waiting for a few days is urgent, the change of strategy of the red and white club, which has other priorities these days, must now be registered, read the transfer market. Chichizola is under contract and will therefore be called like the other owned griffins for the July 4th meeting and subsequent retreat at Pieve di Cadore.

Furthermore it. In the vision of the red-and-white coaches, Chichi was not in doubt: he would in any case be the goalkeeper of the next tournament, regardless of the extension. To sign that door is open and remains so in the coming months.

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