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Who is Filippo Ricciardi, the Canadian singer-songwriter who graced the X-Factor stage?

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Filippo Ricciardi is among the young proposals for the second episode of the X Factor auditions. Canada-bound Turin artist, 1E3Miles, left the judges speechless with a moving and harmonious ballad composed by himself.

Among the young proposals Chapter Two The X Factor auditions are coming Filippo RicciardiAt 21, he leaves the judges speechless refrain Moving and harmonious, composed by him.

Who is Filippo Ricciardi?

Filippo is an immigrant boy from Turin Canada. He takes the stage in a very shy manner, classifying himself as a closed guy, however, he manages to express himself. True I am When he starts singing.

Its colorful appearance is a sign of personality CreativeHis guitar and his timbre sweet and clear, Fill the stage and win the hearts of the public.

The audience cheers, stands up, lights torches and claps during the performance. His writing style and voice are somewhat reminiscent of the more famous Ed SheeranDefinitely a source of inspiration for young acoustic songwriters.

Let’s see what the judges think 1E3 milesThe original played by Filippo on the stage of the sixteenth edition of X Factor.

1E3Miles, Judgment of the Judges

It was instant love for the artist who was ready to run towards the jury. Boot camp With four Yes!

During the show, you can observe the mesmerized judges, look him in the eye EnchantedCompletely drunk and immersed in the exhibition.

First is self-expression Darkon D’MicoAfter a thunderous ovation, he immediately praised his talent as a guitarist, defining him a lot. Skilled, technicalBut Nature. He finds the same characteristics in the voice, which in a way expands CompatibleEven difficult passages seem simple to a singer.

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Amber, joins Targan’s thought, underscoring Filippo’s skill in making the various passages within the piece seem easy and natural. Then he concludes, in the end, the artist manages to get to the heart and stimulateGoes beyond mere technologies.

“Representing Opposites” This is how Rkomi begins. The third judge talks about the dichotomy of the contestant who presents himself threatenedBut at the same time Gassed From the audience, his voice thus appears “Thin but gigantic”, In short, a world to discover.

Finally he reveals himself Fetus, now a historic judge on The X Factor. Federico raisesImportance The guitar is presented as a means of highlighting the artist’s talent in this show “Morality” Piece, and not a simple tool.

After these words of support from the judges, we hope to see Filippo back on stage Live show!

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