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PS5 from GameStop on sale tomorrow, August 31, 2022, no price increase –

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PS5 digital It will be available for purchase again on Jim Stop Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 31, 2022. The formula will be the same: The console will be sold in bundles with other products, like headphones and games, with availability announced live during a Twitch live stream. Here are the price details, package contents, and how to buy them if you’re interested.

The bundle proposed by GameStop this week includes the PS5 Digital, or the model without a player, the second Dualsense in Midnight Black, Sades Spirits headphones, the multimedia remote control, the charging base for the controllers and a card with a PSN credit of 50 euros. The package will be available for purchase at a price €569.98Therefore, with the console price still at 400 euros, without the official price increase that will take effect in a few days.

PS5 Digital will go on sale on the series’ official website on August 31, 2022 From 15:00 onwards. As usual, the actual availability of the console will be announced during the live broadcast on Official GameStop Italia Twitch Channel, which will start at the same time. Given that PS5 stock will be very limited as usual, the advice is to follow the straightforward guidance from the start, and keep you ready to place the order as soon as availability is announced.

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