Home Top News Winter Olympics, Mixed Double Curling – Live! Canada-Italy: Konstantini and Moser in the hunt for the 9th consecutive victory

Winter Olympics, Mixed Double Curling – Live! Canada-Italy: Konstantini and Moser in the hunt for the 9th consecutive victory

Winter Olympics, Mixed Double Curling – Live!  Canada-Italy: Konstantini and Moser in the hunt for the 9th consecutive victory
Eight games played, many wins. Developed by the close Italian couple Stefania Constantini and Amos Moser The mixed doubles curling competition has revealed the best game ever, beating any rival doubles match. Stefania and Amos are currently occupying that space Chairman of the Committee The semifinals (scheduled for 13:05 Italy today) are already firm after wins over the United States (8-4), Switzerland (8-7 extra result), Norway (11-8) and the Czech Republic (10-2). , Australia (7-3), Great Britain (7-5), China (8-4) and Sweden (12-8).
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Beijing 2022

The magic of Joel Retornas: The spectacular double defeat against Great Britain

10/02/2022 08:10 am

“Five !!” Stefania Constantini’s super rejection overthrows Sweden

03:58 – Space Italy !!

Dream round robin for Assuri to win again today (8-7). Constantine’s last stone is right, but Homan’s stone also goes down. The measurement was used and the judge acknowledges Italy’s victory! Sweden advance to the semifinals.

03:49 – Play-off between Canada, Great Britain and Norway

The victories of Great Britain (8-4 against the United States) and Norway (6-5 against Switzerland) would lead to a draw shot challenge, in fact a “playoff” shot between Canada, Great Britain and Norway. Italy’s enemy semi-final.

03:43 – Homan misunderstands everything: extra results!

The Canadian incredibly missed the last stone and Constantine did not discount: 2 points at home to force the right pace and line and extra decision. Italy will not be able to beat Beijing in 2022 even in a game played under the guaranteed revenue standards so far.

03:32 – Canada is good with Power Play, but Constantini show!

A complicated decision for Assyria, but Stefania takes the chair with the last individual stone: in a three-time failed attempt, he is very unlucky because the opposite stone is home to a millimeter, but concedes only three points to the Canadian. Couple.

03:18 – 1 point for Italy, now Power Play Canada

Sealed house and “chess” arm for both teams. Stefania tries to get two points instead of one, but his last shot does not cure him enough and Italy goes 5-4. Now there will be Power Play for Canada.

03:05 – Complex result, Canada 4-4

The accuracy of the blues returns to the decline, with the unfortunate motion in the support shot. Morris did not take full advantage of it, but for Canada it was enough and he advanced to score two points and regain balance. The hammer returns to Italy.

02:52 – Announcements about potential semi-final opponents

Norway is 3-1 ahead of Switzerland and Great Britain is 5-1 ahead of the United States. In this current scenario, a “playoff” shot between Canada, Great Britain and Norway would only really give Italy a semi-final challenge after a draw shot challenge.

02:48 – The right end of the blues

From the first stone, the Constantini-Mosner pair makes a difference. Morris misses two important defeats, and Italy steals the hand and gets two more points. The blue pair is rising with shots, coming back very accurately with all sorts of shots.

02:36 – Moses rejects, Constantini signs 2-2

Big three rejection for Amos who freed the house from three opposing stones. Homan goes a long way with the last found stone, and Stephania does not appreciate it, signing the blue dot with a stone below.

02:26 – Constantine concedes just 2 points to Canada

A complicated decision for Assuri, technically correct but Mosaner’s failures that did not pay off in terms of results. Stefania controls the damage by discarding the last stone twice, leaving only two points for our opponents.

02:15 – 1-0 For the Assyrians, Constantine missed the last stone

Amos is right with his stones and Italy will have 2 possible points. Stefania, however, risks the race to get three, but her last stone does not roll her inwards properly and basically burns a point. 1-0 Italy and Hammer goes to the Canadian pair.

02:05 – Let’s go!

The group’s last match begins: Italy with a hammer at the first end.

We are almost ready

The match between Konstantini-Mosner (8-0) and Homan-Morris (5-3) will start at 02:05. The blue pair do not want to stop dreaming because a win could give them Sweden in the semifinals. Konstantini and Moser have already beaten the Swedish pair (12-8) in Beijing in 2022, while they were knocked out (4-6) at the 2021 World Cup with Canada, but against today’s opponents (Kerry Inerson and Brad Kush).

Constantini-Moser is overflowing

Yesterday, Stefania Constantini and Amos Moser had two incredible victories. The blue pair won the first challenge 8-5 ChinaA noise was heard at the second meeting 12-8 against SwedenAnd bronze at the last World Championships in Aberdeen, Scotland in March 2021.

Review of Friday, February 4th

The game was officially launched by the Bird Nest Festival amidst fireworks and light trigger games. On the competitive fields, however, there is good news from figure skating (with Kicknard-Fabry 3rd in dance rhythm) and the blue mixed curling duo Konstantini-Mosner.

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The complete calendar of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: where you can find races, times, days and all races. We will provide you with written details of all events.

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Beijing 2022

Italy-Sweden: Constantini, Mosner for the final!

07/02/2022 07:29

Beijing 2022

Konstantini-Moser wiped out Sweden: Epic first!

06/02/2022 13:46


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