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Why should you use cryptocurrency when gambling?

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Online casinos are not the newest thing on Earth, but one of the newest trends is on fire – the online casino games with crypto. Playing games in online casinos with crypto instead of real money have insisted on specialist and suppliers creating Crypto casino online, where you can only use virtual currencies.

Do I need Bitcoin?

It is no secret that Bitcoin is the king of the crypto world. It absolutely rules the world of online casinos as well. However, what we do have to mention is that having specifically Bitcoin is not a requirement to play in an online casino with crypto. It is best if you can play in online casinos with Bitcoin, but in most casinos, almost every crypto is accepted as a deposit and withdrawal. The other most popular cryptos in online casinos are not Stellar, Dogecoin and Ethereum. And we have to say, they actually make great wins.

Why use crypto in online casinos?

    1. Safety

When we start thinking of a casino, it is no secret that most of us think of that gorilla man, standing in front of the building. We all have that so-called irrational fear that he will find where we live and end us, but this is impossible with online casinos.

When it comes to online casinos, we have to use only the licensed ones, so that we do not have any safety issues with the personal information that we share when we do register. However, crypto is here to make everything even harder for the bad eyes.

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Online crypto casinos have a very strong safety policy. We are not only talking about your personal information. Same counts when it comes to the transactions. All transactions are encrypted with a code. This might sound like a joke to you, but breaking a code like this can be a significantly hard task.

Also, when you use crypto in online casinos you do not leave any information about your banking account and therefore it is impossible for someone to execute a fraud on your money.

    2. Clear for the law

When you do gamble with money in online casinos, you do earn a legal physical currency. According to most countries’ laws, you have to declare every sort of additional income, and any reward or jackpot that came to you as a payment is considered a different additional source of income. So everything you earn, you have to declare according to the law. Simply put, you pay taxes for every dollar you earn.

This is nothing to worry about when using crypto in online casinos. Crypto is legal and you can play with it in online casinos, but there is no institution that will follow your every step with it, and according to no law you have to pay taxes. This means what? All earnings come only to you.

    3. Convenience

Just like playing with regular money, using crypto in online casinos is more convenient than ever. With crypto, you can enjoy all the comfort benefits of using online casinos. You do not need a machine to play your favorite slots or spins, or a dealer to get involved in a good poker game and bet for big rewards, jackpots, and bonuses.

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The only thing that you need is a crypto wallet, a device, and a stable wi-fi connection that will not leave you with a finger in your mouth in the middle of the game in an online crypto casino. The electronic device does not have to be a PC. It can be a laptop, a tablet, or just your mobile phone. This makes online crypto casinos even more convenient as the mobile versions let you enjoy the game without much preparation and no download is required. This, as well, means no trace of your activity after you just close the website of the online crypto casino.

    4. Payment procedures

Have you ever been in the unpleasant situation of winning a lot of money in a physical casino and then the casino representatives tell you that you will have to leave about a fifth of it on a payout rate for the casino? Well, this is what usually happens. In online casinos, the payout rates are much more humane and if you are enjoying a VIP package, they are almost none.

When playing in online casinos with crypto, you do deposit in crypto currencies, pay for your games in crypto and, of course, you get your winnings in crypto. It would be so sad if you had to withdraw your currency with an unpleasant payout rate. Happily, this will not happen as payout rates are minimal or none for crypto gambling.

A bonus advantage for you to start using crypto in online casinos is that transactions take just a few days to be executed, whereas in regular physical casinos it might take more than a week.

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Whatever crypto you prefer when gambling with it in online casinos, it is a fact that the advantages are more than ever now. Online crypto casinos are the future and you cannot miss it now in its brightest days!

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