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Evasion, suppression of POS use and more controls on building bonuses-

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A package of measures to facilitate and accelerate the process and operation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The content of the decree that the Cabinet is preparing to release, while energy interventions and expensive bills have not yet been determined and will be approved after Easter. Therefore, the government is directly at home with interventions that would facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the national program of strength, although yesterday and until late in the evening, meetings continued at Palazzo Chigi. The discussion also covered the package of interventions on the topic of tax evasion, which is one of the most sensitive issues associated with the refund scheme. Specifically, this is the rule that will bring to June 30 (instead of January 1, 2023) the deadline for the start of penalties against merchants who are not adapted to the use of POS, the additional measure should encourage receipt lotteries, also pending the extension of the electronic billing commitment to price payments fixed, more stringent checks on construction bonuses and contact the revenue agency with the e-card payment data. The green light for anti-evasion measures will be confirmed, following a meeting between Prime Minister Draghi and centre-right leaders Salvini and Tajani, to address outstanding issues in the delegated tax code. Measures to be approved in the decree accompanying the National Steps Program should include interventions for port electrification, digitization of water systems, as well as incentives for public sector mobility. Once the decree is passed, the government will be accommodated again by providing new measures to contain fuel and energy prices. Despite the constant requests for budget discrepancies, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy plan to benefit exclusively from the approximately $5 billion issued by Defense, putting them at the service of the decree that by the end of the month will have to renew. A 0.30 cent discount on fuel (confirmed action until May 2 has already cost 1 billion). There are also new interventions being studied to ease the cost of bills for businesses and families. But the dowry from Defense should also be used to refinance the war-affected SME fund and set aside to compensate for increases in raw materials. The measures should come with simplification from the Ministry of Environmental Transformation to accelerate the production of energy from renewable sources.

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