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How much is the value of the lira with the ear? “beyond belief”

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The history of Italian coinage is rich in specimens of great fame and great circulation, especially all coins of the republican era, so all those minted since the end of World War II have enjoyed great characterization and proliferation. Italia The second after the war Indeed, also because of a new, renewed desire to diversify the new course of the currency, which has already been in use for a long time. By tradition, the most common coins often bear representations related to the agricultural context, and the lira with the ear is more than one. But what is its value?

How much is the value of the lira with the ear? “beyond belief”

Two Italian versions belonging to the second half of the twentieth century fall on deaf ears: the most famous is certainly the ten lira minted from 1951 to 2000, among the most famous coins in the general sense of Italian history. Made in Italmaaluminum alloy is very prevalent at that time, 10 liras Ear It highlights two ears located on one side, one also dominated by the face value, while the other can be recognized by the presence of a plow as well as a mint. Although it is still easy to find a coin, in certain circumstances a 1954 example can be more than 100 euros, if it is in perfect condition.

From 1946 to 1950, another version was also coined with the Spiga, this time with a value of 2 lira. Even this one, developed in the same metal alloy, is remarkably rare. The ear in this case is single with the face value, the other side is dominated by the presence of a cultivator while using the plow.

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If the value of the 1949 coin could be from 40 to 150 euros, depending on the conditions, then the antique of 1947 was very limited in terms of circulation: only 12 thousand coins of this type were minted in this particular year their value could also be more from 1000 euros. If it is completely preserved.

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