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ATM, NEVER DO THIS: Card Demagnetization

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It may happen that the ATM is demagnetized, and then becomes unusable. What are the reasons why a debit card is free of magnetism?


the Credit card, known as ATM, is the most used tool for making withdrawals, making payments to ATMs, or making purchases through points of sale. Indeed, thanks to the ATM, it is no longer necessary to remember to carry cash. With the digital transformation in our country, which has also extended to commercial activities, small amounts can be paid through electronic transactions.

But, unlike money, the use of ATMs is associated with their functions. Simply put, it can happen even if the checking account is in credit It is no longer possible to make transactions using a debit card. This happens in cases where it is demagnetized, and therefore becomes useless.

Cards work thanks to one magnetic tape Which “contains” all the information related to the checking account, allowing you to carry out and authorize classic withdrawals and purchases. When do debit card DemagnetizesOr POS or ATM machines are not able to decode all the information needed to carry out the requested operations.

Bancomat, in what cases is demagnetization performed?

Automated teller machine (Adobe Photo)

The reasons for degaussing ATMs are many, and in some cases unpredictable. For example, store paper near Magnets, TVs, keys or smartphonesFor example, it can lead to demagnetization.

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Also, when making payments to cash desk with the Token swipe sensor of products, it is easy for paper to become magnetized by getting too close. So there are some small precautions you can take to prevent ATMs from becoming unusable.

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For example, inside the wallet, it is recommended to keep various cards different compartmentsSo as to avoid any bad interference. Finally, it is suggested that you keep your debit card carefully, to protect it from unexpected damage. Me too’usuryIn fact, they can play tricks on and contribute to ATM malfunctions.

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