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Who “won” this “other than E3 2022”? – Multiplayer.it

Who “won” this “other than E3 2022”?  – Multiplayer.it

At this point, with the latest fires raging last night by Square Enix and Capcom, other times there have been good old (and crazy) discussions about Who would have won E3?, a somewhat stupid definition but very clear in getting people to understand what he’s referring to. In this case, we’re not dealing with E3, but obviously in the last couple of weeks we’ve seen some kind of “Not E3”In terms of quantity and importance of advertisements as well as focus during the classic period of the beginning of the month of June. It’s not over yet, as some other events are likely coming over the summer even before Gamescom 2022 is actually confirmed, but we can still ask ourselves the question: Who is the publisher that delivered the best titles? What conference was the most admired in this miserable summer event?

One thing is for sure: against someone summer fest game By Geoff Keighley who was generally considered (even somewhat inappropriately) a bit “dim”, there were still many announcements and we’ve also seen significant contribution from Japanese software houses, usually very far from E3 (or non-E3). . Consider her revival in the set of events play condition On Sony PlayStation, the perspective expands to include a great deal of games, but all of them were completely centered between 2022 and 2023, unlike what often happened in the past. There was no Nintendo, obviously this catches the eye, but we know very well how the Kyoto house now has its own way and decides on its connections in a completely independent way, so the question now is not very surprising, but other than that, the presence of the main component market players have been consistent.

The condition of the Play of Sony PlayStation is back to excellent levels, even if (as announced) without compromising internal production. From there, information about the new Resident Evil and Final Fantasy 16 surfaced, while other information from PlayStation Studios surfaced in the Summer Game Fest between The Last of Us: Part 1 and the multiplayer The Last of Us 2.

The Summer Games Festival included many important events
The Summer Games Festival included many important events

Microsoft, for its part, held a very important conference withXbox and Bethesda Game Show 2022as expected on the other hand given the importance the company gives the annual performances in June: the problem remains with the number of titles for 2022 (beyond the small and large pearls such as Pentiment), but what has been announced for 2023 points to an unusual year, including Starfield, Forza Motorsport, Redfall, and more should arrive over the next 12 months, but between the PC game show, Summer Games Festival, and Devolver Direct, there were already several titles too thin to draw attention.

As a final blow, last night’s Real Dreams like Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 and the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake by Square Enix also arrived, completing a really rich picture of these two weeks of action. Speaking of single-player games, it seems like this starfield It appeared most strongly among all events, and the amount of titles and editorials assigned in the niche press or not (whether positive or not, considering that some aspects of the game seem to have been met with some skepticism) is a confirmation. However, those who are more passionate about video games will surely notice other games and other emerging trends with clues from various presentations these days. So who “won” other than E3 2022?


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