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Up to €40 less on the price of the Extra and Premium – subscription

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with the January 2023 discountsSony also offers an interesting price cut on the annual subscription PlayStation Plusespecially with regard to classes Extras and installmentswith the first that can also be purchased at a discount of 40 euros to the original price.

As part of the promotional initiative for January 2023, which as we have seen includes more than 1,600 content-discounted games and DLCs, there is also this interesting offer in connection with the PlayStation Plus subscription, especially for the additional and premium categories.

Discounts are up to 40% off an annual PlayStation Plus Extra subscription, which basically translates to 40 euros less. This is for those who aren’t already PlayStation Plus subscribers, but those who already have a PlayStation Plus Essential subscription can also enjoy a 30% discount.

In essence, this is it Prices and discounts applicable On the additional and premium levels of PlayStation Plus for those who do not already have an active membership:

PlayStation Plus Extras

  • 3-month subscription – € 24.99 (-37%)
  • 12-month subscription – € 59.99 (-40%).

PlayStation Plus Premium

  • 3-month subscription – € 34.99 (-30%)
  • 12-month subscription – € 79.99 (-33%)

The offer is only valid for: You do not currently have an active subscriptionbut even those who already have a Basic subscription can upgrade to Extra or Premium at 30% off the original price.

The offer is valid Until January 13, 2023Find all information about The official PlayStation Plus membership site From Sony.

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