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Who are the players who can advertise?

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The average footballer’s career usually reaches 38-40 years, with records such as Marco Pallotta (end of his career at 44), Maldini (40) or Buffon still on the field at the age of 43.

In 2021, the most famous players to bid farewell to football were Sergio Aguero who finished playing for Barcelona, ​​Mehdi Benatia saluting football in Karagomroc with a touching farewell speech, Ricky Alvarez at Velez and Joaquin at Betis.

Who are the players who could decide to hang up the ball and their shoes in 2022?

Football fan votes, ID cards and follies help create a list of players approaching the age they decide to leave the field for, to choose new paths such as a career as a manager or entrepreneur or “unexpected” solutions.

The stats speak of 5% of former players who were able to live on their own after saying goodbye to football. Among the most famous post-green careers, there is Claudio Lopez, the former Lazio striker, who, after his farewell in 2013, tried to work as a rally driver. Not least Gaizka Mendieta who went from soccer player to electronic DJ, which has always been his big passion, or like Tim Wiese who voted himself to be a wrestling fighter, weighing in at 117 kg.

The list of possible farewells to football in 2022 presents the names of the great personalities of Serie A, known to everyone for their exploits and for their iconic moments in Italian football first and foremost:

-Zlatan Ibrahimovic: The rumors started in November about the hypothesis of Ibra’s retirement in 2022. To raise doubts, the next expiration of the contract with Milan, which is due for this year, and the age of the striker who turned 40 in October 2021. Old or old.

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– Giorgio Chiellini: “Two years and no more” announced in 2019, after his injury. Now the Juventus flag, which blew out 37 candles in August, has the 2022 World Cup in sight still to be reached with the national team. Much can depend, in one way or another, on the results in blue.

– Gianluigi Buffon: One of the most “lived” players in history, the iconic face of Italian football, and now Parma goalkeeper. There are rumors of his farewell to the team and goal.

Franck Ribery: The Salernitana striker has worn important shirts like Bayern Munich for more than 10 years. Also near 40, he can surprise a new farewell, after farewell to Fiorentina.

– Rodrigo Palacio: Brescia striker, he was the vice world champion at club level with Boca Juniors in 2007. Could he be the one to greet the fans, bidding farewell to football in 2022?

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