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Prey, the official online leak trailer that drives Predator fans crazy: Get ready!

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The first official teaser for the new Prey movieThe prequel/reboot of the Predator saga has already been a hit among fans of the franchise, but in the past few hours, a new trailer that’s just leaked onto the web has caused quite a stir.

clearly In this article, we will not show you the relevant video – which, presumably, in light of the exciting leak will officially find its way online in the next few hours – but we’ll be limited to bringing the enthusiasm of fans of Legendary predator sagawho have already invaded social networks to comment on the images shown.

We remind you of that victim It will be set about 300 years ago In the Comanche Nation, an area inhabited by a similar American Indian population in the southern United States that covers the territory of the present-day states of New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The protagonist is Naruplayed by Amber Midthunder, is a fierce and skilled warrior ready to defend her people from a A new mysterious threat lurks in unspoiled nature.

victim Directed by Dan Trachtenbergwhich after some television directing black mirror And the boys He is finally back in the cinema after his stellar debut with 10 Cloverfield Lanethe occasional sequel to Cloverfield by Matt Reeves. Prey release date set for August 5th Next: The movie will be available exclusively on Disney Plus within the Star catalog.

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