Home Top News 36 years later Qatar 2022 Canada on the world map: 2026 came 4 years earlier

36 years later Qatar 2022 Canada on the world map: 2026 came 4 years earlier

36 years later Qatar 2022 Canada on the world map: 2026 came 4 years earlier
According to the portal American News and World Report Canada is the best country to live in in the world: no one else scores high on “quality of life” and “social completion” items. With the walls below erected, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – of Scottish, French-Canadian, Malay and Nyas descent – undoubtedly promoted welcome policies by laying the last stone. New Canada Cosmopolitan and multiculturalism. Men’s national football team wins World Cup qualifier against Titanic after 36 years of absence A country that looks to the future in retrospect.

Scar tissue: The origin of the new Canada

World Cup

All qualifying matches and play-off scenario for Qatar 2022

03/02/2022 17:55 pm

Prosperous Lily pioneer Jonathan David, the exceptional narrator of the epic clip published on the Federation’s social media profiles, is the best litmus test. New Canada. Among the key founding elements It also refers to scars: The tape was withdrawn until October 2012, when Canada was affected The humiliating reverse of 1-8 in the hands of Honduras Excluded from the race for the 2014 World Cup. The federation then reorganized and reviewed its internal structure (in proportion to its performance) in the 1990s. Thanks Canadian Youth National Team Project And AI Training camp Developed temporary skills with potential Jonathan David (Born in Brooklyn to Haitian parents) e Alfonsa Davis (Born in Ghana refugee camp to Liberian parents) entered the Underworld at an early age and completed the entire process. None of them hesitated for a moment when choosing which page to take: Les Rouges! To preserve the colors of the country in which they were happily bred.

CONCACAF Global Qualification Levels

SQUAD Points / DR *
Canada 28/16
Mexico 28/9
United States 25/11
Costa Rica * 25/5
Panama 21 / -2
Jamaica 11 / -10
El Salvador 10 / -10
Honduras 4 / -19

* DR = goal difference

* Costa Rica in the play-off match against New Zealand

Operation 2026: The football effect?

As a result of Russia failing to qualify for 2018 – Canada unfortunately dropped to 94th in the world rankings – The federation handed over the keys to the national team to John Hertman, Creator of two Olympic bronze medals won by the women’s national football team in London and Rio (to sow the seeds of future success in Tokyo). Creating a team for the 2026 “Home” World Cup, along with neighboring countries in the United States and Mexico, is the goal set in the medium term. However, coach Hertman, as part of his inauguration, expressed his uncertainty of wanting to bite the World Cup qualifier from the start. Goal victory, timely defeat of highly quoted rivals Concacaf United States and Mexico.

This victory will change our national team and our country forever

Hertman said to the microphones on the side It exploded 4-0 against Jamaica It is worth worldly mastery. We are in the presence of a newcomer Carter effectThanks to Vince Carter’s Toronto Raptors – Canada’s Representative Dowd Court – Did they position themselves on the NBA World Maps? Because something is already moving, Quattro Quattro, The Football has become the third most popular sport Behind unrivaled ice hockey and lacrosse.

Poker in Jamaica: Canada in the World Cup! All goals

Postcards from Canada: Alfonso Davis

In the appeal of the match against BMO Stadium in Toronto against Reggae Boys Alfonso Davis, the pillar of Bayern Munich, went missing due to an unfortunate circumstance: in fact a heart attack has kept him in the pit since last January. Waiting for full recovery His reaction from a distance to the merit of his teammates winning on the field It has gone viral, and for 36 years in international football has become a slide of boundless joy for an entire population unnamed. We are sure that the star of the child who grew up without food or clothes in the refugee camp in Puthupuram will shine with his own light during the next World Cup.

Bayern’s master player A. Melting pot Young talents and senior players. In addition to the award-winning Davis / David company, keep track of the versatile midfielder Dajon Buchanan And the best goal scorer in history Les Rouge Chail Lorin… Then there are the stories that only Canada can tell. Two above all: the goalkeeper Milan PorgenHe fled with his family from Croatia to Serbia under the bombsOperation Storm Then to emigrate to Winnipeg; 39-year-old midfielder of Trinidadian descent Adiba Hutchinson, Long-time captain in great recovery after suffering defeat against Honduras from the field. Mild Katari Winter Il New Canada Trying to make its way In Group F, a draw with Belgium, Croatia and Morocco: With a reasonably clear mind and a comfortable “Cinderella” brand from repressive thoughts. Only then will we think about what attire to show respect for.


The article was created from the idea of ​​Fabio Fava

Video of a wild party at the World Cup in Toronto, Canada


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