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Which Disney Prince is your ideal friend? Find out with the test!

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Welcome* to our test to find out which is which The Disney Prince is your perfect friend! Answer the following questions b Honesty and caring And find out which cute prince charming can steal your heart. are you ready*?

the brave Prince Philip He is a young nobleman determined to free Aurora from eternal sleep. His kind spirit and courage guide him through adventures, facing dragons, and overcoming obstacles to reach his true love. Brilliant Prince Eric He is a young man with a deep outlook, fascinated by the mystery of the ocean. His heart opens to the little mermaid ArielHeyTogether they team up with the evil Ursula to live out their love.

witty and adventurous, Prince Naveen He is known for his bubbly personality. He meets Princess Tiana while transforming into a frog, and together they go on Louisiana adventures, learning the true meaning of love and sacrifice. Interesting Flynn Rider He's a thief with a heart of gold. He falls in love with Rapunzel while they are trying to escape from the tower. in the end, Aladdin He is a man with a heart of gold. His encounter with Yasmine takes him on a magical journey over the rooftops of Agrabah. With his flying simplicity and his desire for a better world, Aladdin He conquers everyone's heart.

If you enjoyed and want to play again, we remind you that in our special section of the site, You can find many other tests. There is always more new And for all tastes, such as: “Are you more Maria Esposito or Rosa Ricci?” Or “Are you more Elissa Maino or Emilie Pallini?” Stay tuned* so you don't miss the next fun Miss Webboh quizzes. Let us know which one has been your favorite so far!

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