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What to do if digital terrestrial broadcasting is not working? There is a free solution

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between Loud TV channels, adjustments will be made several times and so on and so on, it is now known to all that digital earth can have some problems. Here comes the classic question: What to do if digital terrestrial broadcasting is not working? Well, we may have found an interesting solution.

In fact, many people now have an internet connection at home that allows the contents to be reproduced directly (just think of a fileWide spread of services like Netflix in Italy, although the results that Reed Hastings had hoped for did not materialize). In this context, it would be useful to find Service “Collections” live broadcasting of all Italian TV channels, including local, so you can watch live broadcasts via browser or mobile devices, right? We have what’s right for you.

refer to TVdream portalmaking ben live streaming available to users completely free of charge 958 TV stations from all over the world. Among other things, it is a project that focuses strictly on our country, since most of the TV channels in question are Italian, as you can see in Dedicated page for TVdream Italy.

The service is a kind of “container”, which then refers to the official channels in order to benefit from the live broadcast. In other words, someone thought very well about “grouping” The world of Italian TV in one place, however, making it usable over an internet connection. In short, you understand very well that it can be a good solution, even in those moments when digital earth is some “headache”.

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At this point, you may be wondering What does TVdream offer in terms of local TVsince then clearly Solutions for watching the main Italian TV channels on the web It certainly isn’t lacking, but the “problem” is the small broadcasters. Well, actually, as we also explained in our in-depth study on How to watch local TV onlineThe service offers many possibilities in this regard.

Of course, in some cases, the latest content uploaded to the web is simply served by individual broadcasters (for example, videos on YouTube), since not all local TV channels have an official live broadcast on the web, but otherwise they are Multiple channels available for all 20 Italian regions.

In fact, you only need to contact TVdream regions page For you to have a look at More interesting proposals for where you live. Are you from Veneto and want to watch the Venetian Network or TVA Vicenza? can be accomplished. Are you from Puglia and would you watch TeleRadioErre or Mediaterranea TV? It’s possible. Of course what has been mentioned are just examples, but you realize that it can be an interesting possibility for more than one.

By the way, TVdream also features mobile appas we also explained in our in-depth study on How to watch TV on Android. The application can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store And fromApple App Store. It’s certainly a less well known project, but given the recent issues with the digital ground, it seemed interesting to deepen it.

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