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Which are the most Googled cities in the world in 2022? The results will surprise you (and there is an Italian one).

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Years after the pandemic stopped, the moment long awaited by travel and adventure lovers has finally arrived. Let’s find out together which are the favorite places of users to search on Google.

After the tumultuous period of the pandemic, international tourism is finally resuming at full speed. What are the most searched and searched destinations on Google by travel enthusiasts?

At the bottom of the top 10, we find sprawling New York, which attracts visitors from around the world with its cosmopolitanism. It is followed by Lisbon, the historic capital of Portugal, Canada’s third largest metropolitan area, Vancouver, the world’s fourth most populous city, Mumbai. Rome, the Eternal City, is sixth.

In fifth place is Toronto, a city in the extreme southeast of Canada, followed by Delhi, the vibrant heart of India, full of art and culture. In third place is Paris, the city of lovers, and in second place is Ho Chi Minh City, which in recent years has become the economic and industrial capital of Vietnam and an important commercial center for southern countries. -East Asia. (Also read: Here’s how to travel by bus for less expensive and eco-friendly travel )

Finally, in the first place is the wonderful London, the cosmopolitan city and the capital of the United Kingdom.

To recap, here are the top ten popular travel destinations around the world in 2022:

1st London, UK
2nd Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
3rd Paris, France
4th Delhi, India
5th Toronto, Canada
6th Rome, Italy
7th Mumbai, India
8th Vancouver, Canada
9th Lisbon, Portugal
10th New York, USA

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But what are they? Most admired cities by Italians?

Type in the Google search engine “What to see in this…The cities most loved by Italians appear automatically, this year preferring to set aside the great metropolises of our country, such as Milan and Rome.

Indeed, southern Italy, especially Catania, appears to be the most desirable. Followed by Barcelona, ​​Paris, Mantua, Parma, Lisbon, Malta, Munich and Ravenna.

It’s never too early to start planning a great trip. Let these amazing cities inspire our future vacations both in winter and summer.

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