March 31, 2023

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Titan has seven new ambassadors from Canada to Cyprus – the Chronicle

The Certificates of Merit Ceremony for the Captains Regent, Oscar Mina and Paulo Rondelli, seven new ambassadors recognized for the Republic of San Marino, took place this morning in Palazzo Publigo. Foreign Minister Luka Beckari welcomed the guests, who were presented with their ‘letters’ by Norwegian Ambassador Johann Vibe, Dominican Republic Ambassador Tony Raffles Djeda, Canadian Ambassador Elisa Ann Kolberg and Elini Sourani. , Ambassador of the Republic of Hellenic, Ana Maria Reyes Castillo, Ambassador of the Republic of Panama, Khalid Youssef K.A. Al-Sadr, Ambassador of the State of Qatar and Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus to Yorkos Christophets. In his speeches, Secretary Becker stressed the full presence of the Foreign Office and the Department to co-operate with the states represented by the new ambassadors in matters of common interest, such as cooperation in a multilateral environment, strengthening bilateral relations and strengthening agreements. Strategic areas for development

At the end of the “economic, social and cultural” ceremony, the new ambassadors signed the special guest book.

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