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Feminists against surrogacy. Take Italy for example

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Surrogate motherhood has become a relatively “traditional” practice in Canada, now accustomed to all barbarism. Celebrities and affordable people consider the rented uterus to be a harmless option, allowing women who may or may not want to have children of their own, or who allow gay couples to have children. Some consider the impact on mother and child, the slavery and exploitation that affects them, and the contempt for their basic human rights.

New bill for surrogate motherhood Quebec Proposes changes in existing law to authorize surrogacy contracts, Not currently legal under Quebec law. Contracts infringe on the personal human rights of both mother and child, and in countries such as Canada it is technically impossible to pay women as a surrogate, and there are ways to provide financial compensation for women carrying these children. Determining and classifying the factor in the subordination practice.

Often unknown by complex issues and sadly Canadian public opinion, it tends to see surrogacy as a positive option linked to the rights of women and homosexuals.

That’s why some feminist groups. “Pour Les Troits des Femmes du Quebec“(PDF) raises awareness about damage to rented uterus, With the intention of combating the family planning profession. Clemens DrillingShe was one of the key leaders of the feminist group Pour les droits des Femmes du Qu├ębec and WDI Quebec, which recently put forward a number of organized attempts to prevent pro-surrogate liberal reforms. New forms of slavery and contempt for the human dignity of women and children.

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