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Wheelchair Hockey Serie A1 – Macron Warriors took Turin (4-7)

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Fabius Merlin

sandy Macron Warriors Sabbioneta returns from Turin with three heavy and important points in the standings and the race to the final playoffs. The Russoble Magic defeated Turin 7-4 after an even and balanced match, but Fabio Merlino’s men dominated the match and on occasions. In the first period, Macron Warriors, after falling behind, made an important break thanks to goals from Camponescu and two goals from Catania. The second and third halves remain in perfect balance with one goal on each side, while the latter half part of the match still remains in favor of the Lombards who closed out 2-1 despite having to play the final minutes of the match. Numerical inferiority of Gilberti’s expulsion.
A very positive start for the new arrivals in the Rosuble ranks. Riccardo Ottonili made his experience felt both in defense and in attack, while striker Leonardo Catania did not deny expectations by closing the match with a personal poker of goals. In any case, the whole team played a very solid game and at the same time very attentive in defense, which confirms the excellent work that has been done in these two months of rest. It is also fair to point out the decisive goals scored by Camponescu and Giliberti, the author of two goals, which does not deny their ability to score in every match. All important signs for coach Merlino that he can now start preparing for the next match that awaits Macron Warriors on April 1 at the home of the Blue Devils in Genoa.
“It was a bit slow going into the race,” Merlino commented at the end of the race. We played the Torino game right away, then “reset” and our game went out. I would like to congratulate all my sons for their performance, their desire to grow and play in a certain way and for sure, step by step, we will be able to grow even more. Congratulations to everyone who entered and followed the team. It was a collective victory that should give morale to the whole environment.”

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