Third win in a row for thatItaly want Junior World Cup Off Curling Level A FussenIn Germany.

there Tricolor National Team At the helm DD Claudio Pescia and fromCoach Marco Mariani violates Canada On the fifth day Youth World Championship And climbs the ranks Third stage They are still missing with China, Norway and the United States Two meetings At the end of the first stage.

Great resource character The blue formation, along with descended into the snow Giacomo Colli (CC Dolomites), Francesco di Gianna (CC Dolomites), Simon Pfeiffer (Golden Flames) e Stephen Gilley (SC Pinerolo) and can be adjusted by aA great second half of the race For an uphill battle in the first five ends.

A group of Avoid RooneyAfter the point in the first end, Asuri stole the arm in the second and fourth rounds to prevent him from scoring points. Trailing 3-0 at the breakAzzurrini want reacted Immediately reach the sixth node EqualityThen he stole his hand at seven 5-3. North Americans were awarded only one score in eighth place Three other tricolor symbols They conceded in the bottom of the ninth Final victory.

Tomorrow is the sixth and final day of the round robin with the challenge 9 vs China and at 19 vs Swiss.

World Curling TV All matches will be telecast exclusively Curling Channel.

Below I Results and Match Schedule.

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