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Whatsapp, next update brings great news: everything about chats is changing

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Whatsapp, a new update arrives that changes everything forever: an incredible novelty that you absolutely must know.

A fast and practical application that allows you to communicate with a large number of people in no time. WhatsApp It is, by far, one of the most used instant messaging applications and it is not hard to imagine why. With just one click to stay in touch with whomever we want, through text messages, voice messages, photos, gifs or video calls. Whatapp is a world to be explored and above all in it Continuous development.

Whatsapp, the new update revolutionizes chatting (

As we know, Whatsapp, like many other apps, features on a regular basis updates, Which improve its performance and introduce new important functions. And in this regard, an interesting novelty may soon appear that will change the management of chats forever. In particular, novelty matters group chats, That is, those conversations in which there are many contacts. Option, At the moment it is still in the testing phase but it could land soon on our devices, both Android and Iphone. Curious to know what it is? You are in the right place

Whatsapp, the amazing update is about group chats: what will happen

Whatsapp group chats, How we love them A way to interact and stay connected together, just as if you were around a table. Whatsapp groups are also useful for business matters, as they are a solution to many problems, but it is not always easy for administrators to manage them. Especially when it comes to chats made up of many contacts. For them, however, a Precious help.

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Whatsapp, brand new: it will happen in group chats (

second WaBetaInfoGroup admins will soon be able to Management of its participants More precisely, by literally selecting those who will have access to the group chat. That’s right, the new contact will not be able to enter a particular chat unless the administrator wants it to, Access consent. A mechanism reminiscent of private Facebook groups, where entry is possible only if moderators accept the invitation. How will it work on Whatsapp? In a similar way.

Administrators will have the ability to select the option manually “Approval of new participants”, Which you will find in the multi chat settings. An interesting novelty that allows you to better organize group conversations, avoiding unpleasant interference. For now, the option is only available to some beta testers who have done all recent Whatsapp updates. We just have to wait to find out all the details of this and other news that the iconic green app is preparing for its users. We’ll see some good stuff!

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