September 24, 2023

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Football and stadium, Gaetano Bonolis from Solea is not from the cities … apparently –

Football and stadium, Gaetano Bonolis from Solea is not from the cities … apparently –

Teramo – In the margins you will read a note from SSD Città di Teramo who managed to read the positive possibility, perhaps remote (because it still is), that the match on January 8 could be played at “Gaetano Bonolis”.

Apparently to some, another impediment was the pending arbitration between the stadium manager and the municipal administration: this is how the Red and White Club reads it … Or is this how it pretends to read it, hoping that it will soon open also in relation to it?

One thing is clear, follow social networks. The fans, or a large part of them, and we’re not just talking about the organizers, really don’t have that much desire to play in Bonoles della Solia …

(Company note) – Referring to the news that appeared in the newspapers in these hours, regarding the possible use of the “Gaetano Bonoles” stadium for the dispute over the next championship match, scheduled for January 8, 2023 with Piano della Lente, SSD City of Teramo, awaiting the site’s official confirmation of the same, expresses The satisfaction of knowing that obstructions (Ref. Pending arbitration with the Municipal Administration and the outcome of the SS Teramo Calcio Srl dispute) is permanently obsolete, in order to allow its use.
We hope, therefore, that, after an appropriate and careful review of the applicable agreement, a similar availability will be shown towards our company.
We recall once again how a club born for the city and its fans, which is proud to represent football every day in the capital with honor and pride, has the need and urgency to be able to enjoy the height of the coat of arms and the football traditions of Teramo, in order to start planning, now and in the best way possible, next season – press office

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