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Mara Sati, as a woman who has struggled but now has space – Music

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The race, the fast-paced week, the millions of viewers? Not at all, in Sanremo there is nothing scarier than steps that you have to walk in high heels. And Mara Sati is no exception. “If you go beyond the stairs, this is already a good starting point,” jokes the young Romanian singer-songwriter born in 1995, whom Amadeus invited to debut on the Ariston stage among adults with the song Duemilaminuti, written for her by Damiano David. – which he won the festival in 2021 with Maneskin – and composed with Thasup (brother of Mara Sattei, registered as Sara Mattei at the registry office) and Enrico Brun. “We didn’t know each other. It was Damiamo who looked for me to present this song that he wrote, thinking about the nuances of my voice – says Mara Satie -. At first Sanremo was not in our plans, but after working on and recording the song, we realized we had Something precious in our hands. It was a team effort and I’m very happy to be able to bring it to the Ariston Theatre.”

Only one suggestion came from the head of Maneskin, the band that set out from Sanremo to conquer the world: “Have fun and enjoy the experience,” he told me. “Maybe that’s why I feel like I’m not afraid of anything. Or you’ll be unconscious,” jokes the proud 14-cylinder. platinum and a gold record. His latest hit is the soundtrack for summer 2022, which he shares with Dolce Vita, four times platinum, with Fedez and Tananai, which he will also find by chance on the Riviera (the first is called Rule 31 for the duo’s evening, the second for the race). “We wish each other ‘good luck’. It’s been an unforgettable summer with them.”

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Even Winter heralds the artist who combines pop and urban, between tradition and constant evolution. After all, despite having only one album to her credit (Universo was released a year earlier), she’s among the most popular artists on the Italian music scene, and clearly a male refusal. “Something is changing, but there is still a lot to be resolved in the Italian recordings as the numbers at hand are dominated by men – Mara Satie asserts – and many of us occupy our space. It is enough to look out of bounds to see that the first female artist is at the top The world is Miley Cyrus.” Hard working Mara Sati has made her own. “Perhaps we women suffer more, but personally I don’t feel less than my peers. Thankfully no one has ever made me feel that way. With commitment, results come.”

Such as participating in the festival “as a result of the trip I’ve taken”. Duemilaminuti tells of an important realization on the part of a woman who, at the end of a relationship gone wrong, understands everything she’s been through and decides to start over. It is a cry of despair but also a cry of awareness and rebirth. “A very human story, for which I give a special interpretation, is a great aim.” The goal will be to make yourself known and reach a new audience: “But the festival is also a great opportunity to share your music with others. A beautiful moment of artistic unity for Italy.” For the song evening, he chose a duet with Noemi “and listening to the song we set, you’ll understand why I wanted it, and it’s a sexy crossover that suits us just fine.”

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Mara/Sarah is Roman, as Naomi, as Damiano, as – obviously – Thasop. “It’s random,” he asserts, “but how nice! So I feel a bit at home. We are very close with my brother David and music has united us even more: one admires the other. Someone has speculated that he could conduct the orchestra for me, but no, there won’t be “. At the festival, she was waiting to hear Giorgia (“I grew up with her songs) and Paola and Chiara, whom she also put in the Fantasanremo team”. Along with cousins ​​Campagna, Lazza, Modà and Ariete. Dubbed it the “Holiday Collection 2023″. But no, I didn’t – she smiled again. It’s a good way to relieve racing tensions. I’m studying and hopefully I can score some points.”

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