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What is the scariest video game ever? Let’s find out what the science says –

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What is a file The coolest horror video game any time? according to Sciencesthat is, the “Science of Fear” project, will be independent Madison. Science of Scare has been dealing since 2020 with a rating of the scariest movies of all time, even video games now.

But what criteria were used to choose Madison as the scariest game of all time? The game will feature “constant tension” and “countless fears” that raise the heart rates of players who took part in the tests to a rate of 97 beats per minute (bpm), which is 32 beats per minute above average. • Resting at a rate of 65 beats per minute. Madison’s peak BPM peak was 131, higher than any other title tested on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

In second place was Creative Assembly’s Alien Isolation, while in third place was Visage. In truth, the big names in horror weren’t arranged very well. Resident Evil appears first in the ranking, seventh, only sixth. In the seventh we find Bloodborne, while the Silent Hill series appears only in the fourteenth place, with the fourth chapter.

The scariest game of all time

In short, it seems that some of the most popular games are not actually able to keep up with some indie games in terms of fear.

Interestingly enough, if PT, Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills show, had been a full game, it likely would have finished first on the charts, doing the best with an average of 99 bpm. Another reason to complain to Konami is the infamous decision to cancel the game.

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