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PS4 has sold more than double the Xbox One, according to Microsoft –

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Interesting details continue to emerge from documents Microsoft sent to the Brazilian Antitrust Agency. In one of the documents, the Redmond giant mentioned it PS4 sold More than double the number of units Compared to Xbox One in the last generation.

Microsoft hasn’t shared exact numbers for Xbox One units sold, after all it stopped doing so in 2015, but it has admitted that the numbers are much lower than those recorded by PS4.

The company further explains that Xbox Game Pass was created specifically in response to lower sales than the competition and a willingness to move away from the hardware-focused business.

“Sony has outpaced Microsoft in terms of console and installed base sales, selling more than twice as much Xbox Ones in the last generation,” said the document sent by Microsoft.

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription-based gaming offering, has been launched as the company’s competitive response to the Xbox One’s failure in the console war.

Xbox One and PS4

In May, Sony announced that the PS4 had sold 117 million units worldwide. This is the latest official estimate, given that the company has not decided not to provide more updates about future console sales.

According to Microsoft data, the Xbox One should have been sold between 50-60 million unitsbut keep in mind that this is still an unofficial estimate.

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