Friday, March 1, 2024

American takeovers, don’t worry baby dominates, record-breaking avatar – last hour

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(ANSA) – ROME, Sept 25 – “Don’t Worry, Baby,” Olivia Wilde’s dystopian thriller with Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, which was presented out of competition at the recent Venice Film Festival, debuted at North Summit. US box office with $19,2 million raised over the weekend. Thus Warner deposes the throne of Jenna Prince-Bythewood’s The Woman King, starring Viola Davis as commander of the Aguji Regiment, the women’s military regiment that in 1823 protected the besieged West African kingdom of Dahomey from European colonizers and the slave trade: second place and $11.2 million in revenue end Weekly, totaling $36.3 million in the local market.

Third place in “Avatar” re-release: Waiting for the sequel to “The Way of Water,” which arrived in December, James Cameron’s groundbreaking film is back in cinemas a bit around the world, raising $10 million over the weekend in the US and $20.5 million. million dollars internationally. With this achievement, the 2009 blockbuster movie cemented its progression as the biggest movie of all time with $2.85 billion worldwide.


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