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What if this cold was just a bait? An incredible hypothesis appeared within 10 days »

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Weather: What if this cold was just a taste? Check out an incredible hypothesis in 10 days

Frost’s hypothesis in FebruaryWhat if this cold was just a bait? There are still many days left and the trend could be subject to changes, however the recent account positions update suggestedIncredible guess in 10 daysthis means within the first ten days of February.

Everything will be linked to a special synoptic formation that can be created at the hemisphere level as early as next week. Indeed, according to the latest forecasts, the Azores anticyclone can reach very high latitudes, even reaching Scandinavia.
This anomalous movement of the anti-eddy bubble will favor the entry of a frozen air mass From Russia to the countries of the East with the ultimate goal first Turkey and the Balkan regions, then our Adriatic regions. As we can see from the map below, it is aA half-hearted out of all respect Which may include a Sudden drop in temperature values ​​up to 8/10 °C below reference climatic mean (colour purple violet;).Below-average temperatures: Violet/Violet color during the first ten days of FebruaryBelow-average temperatures: Violet/Violet color during the first ten days of FebruaryIt is evaluated later if and where a depression capable of causing precipitation even in the form of snow could form.

at the moment The areas most at risk will be the Adriatic Sea and the south: The cold air passing over the temperate waters of the Adriatic Sea is likely to create clusters of clouds, which, fed by the moisture of the sea surface, would cause snowfall and even thunderstorms due to the sudden drop in temperature. north and in the Tyrrhenian regions we shall find instead only a prominent region reduce temperatureswith very cold during the night hours, but under a starry sky.

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