May 29, 2023

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Gerenzano, “Science Nights” conquered everyone

Gerenzano, there is a “great appetite” for science among the audience, and the two evenings held at the “Insubria BioPark” fully confirm this.

Gerenzano, “Science Nights” conquered everyone

The Science Nights, organized by the Insubric Institute for Life Research, made it possible to visit laboratories with the guidance of researchers, to observe the stars and see the science benches in action. With the Astrological Collection of Traditions, the audience kept their noses up, listening to the tales and interpretations of Cesar Guetta, President of the Society, and the salutes of the International Space Station who crossed the lubricating skies. The Cislagese Association “Scientificamente Asc” also participated in this event, formed by a group of twenty scientists, which aims to bring science to the widest possible audience, and to organize and participate in events in the insrim region and beyond. In the “Notti della Scienza”, the association held its demonstration banquets, to the amusement and excitement of the many boys, girls and families who came to experience the proposed experiments. From mathematics to chemistry, from nutrition to meteorology, the rich “menu”, created by President Marco Crespi, will satisfy even the most demanding onlookers. “Success with the public also underscores how important quality dissemination and communication is to the work of researchers,” comments the President.

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