June 3, 2023

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Omnibus, Morgan Freeman and Best End of the Century Mystery – Libero Quotidiano

George Carbone

Born in Tortona (Al) on December 19, 1941. Graduated in Law from Pavia. Journalist since 1971. She has been married to artist Ida Maeda for 45 years. Two sons. Film Critic (Malik) for the movie “La Notte” from 1971 to 1995. For the movie “Libero” from 2000 to today. Author of three dictionaries: Film Dictionary (1978-1990); all movies (1991 to 1999); Television Dictionary (1993).

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Sky Cinema suspense at 21
With Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Cary Elwes. Directed by Gary Fleder. Produced in the USA in 1997. Duration: 2 hours

the plot
Someone in a rural town is kidnapping beautiful, strong-headed young women. He doesn’t seem to kill them, but just hides them somewhere, keeping them as collectors’ items. When one of the kidnapped is the granddaughter of a famous cop, he sets up a manhunt. He is helped by a beautiful girl who was kidnapped, but managed to escape. The search is very difficult, especially since the kidnappers at one point turned out to be two.

Why do you see it
Because it is one of the best thrillers of the end of the century. Gary Fleder’s two-year-old debut “What to do in Denver when you’re dead” is confirmed as one of the best suspense organizers in Hollywood. Morgan Freeman at his best as Detective Alex Cross, who would later redeem his suit.

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