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What do you see on amazon prime video

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When it’s really not possible to travel, or the long stretches that pass between vacation and vacation, you can relax a little in front of the TV and enjoy Some fun programs that take you to discover the world – Even without leaving the couch. Amazon Prime Video has tons of great travel-themed TV series and movies, perfect for flying your imagination and never getting bored. Here are the best deals to see.

The TV series about travel that can be watched on Amazon

Rich catalog Amazon Prime Video Ready to surprise you with many docu series dedicated to the world of travel, to travel around the world without having to leave home. One of the most interesting titles is Mysterious Cities, a long itinerary that will lead you throughout Italy, from north to south, discovering ancient legends, paranormal events, esoteric secrets and scientific curiosities that tell a new face of our country.

It’s very exciting then Travel in slow motion, an all-Italian feature-length documentary series that will take you to every corner of the globe. Gabriel and Ludovico, the protagonists of the show, are ready to depart on an exciting adventure that will touch wonders like Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Icelandic ice, not forgetting the timeless beauty like the city of Petra in Jordan and suggestive The colorful mountains of Peru.

Do you love the Far East, its beautiful landscapes and its millennial culture? Don’t miss the TV series James May – Our correspondent in Japan, which will allow you to discover some of the most beloved (and curious) beauties in Land of the Rising Sun. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking experience from the other side of the world, the British journalist and his crew, and they will bring you big surprises. In addition, the second season should arrive soon, it was filmed in Italy.

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Travel-themed movies to watch on Amazon

Do you have a free evening and want to indulge in a breathtaking adventure in front of the screen? In the wild – in the wild It is an amazing movie, based on a true story: it is about a young man from Virginia who, after his graduation, decides to give up everything and embark on a long journey across the United States, to reach the limitless Alaska, where Living in an old bus. If you have always dreamed of one day leaving your monotonous life and living a unique experience, you may fall in love with it Iceland – the breath of the earth. The docu-film, entirely Italian, will take you to explore the southern coast of Iceland, and meet people who left our country to start from scratch.

Forget the ice for a moment, get ready to plunge into the African heat: The Documentary African safari It will take you from Namibia to Kilimanjaro, on an incredible journey between vast deserts and lush savannas, where fierce animals live. Finally, an adventure that will take your breath away: Earth – An Extraordinary Day It is a documentary film narrated by Diego Apatantono that will show you the wonders of the world in the footsteps of … the sun. Following its path, from sunrise to sunset, you will discover the wonderful views it enjoys every day.

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